Daniel and a prize-winning California scorpionfish —

Daniel and Ed Roberts

One of my favorite people at the California Fish and Wildlife Department is Ed Roberts. When I first met up with him he was in the Long Beach area and I think that it may have been the time I donated a cusk-eel and yellow snake eel to the department for their biology lab. Since then I’ve had the chance to see him many times and even been able to use him as an advisor to pierfishing.com on fishing regulations. Today he’s stationed in the Eureka area and about the only time I get to see him is if I head up to the North Coast for a little fishing from the piers in the Eureka-Trinidad-Crescent City area. Back in 2003, Ed and his young son Daniel were at the Los Tiburones Fishing Tournament at the Belmont Pier. Young Daniel won a 3rd place trophy for the most unusual fish of the day — a California scorpionfish. Good father that he is, Ed made sure to hold up the fish so that Daniel did not get stung by one of the poisonous spines. Both are just a little older, and perhaps a little bigger, today.


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