Pier Fishing in California — Concourse d’Pier Carts

Almost every pier rat that I know, or at least those who frequent the long piers in central and southern California, has a pier cart. It’s needed when you’re loaded down with rods and reels, tackle box, bait bucket, cooler, hoop net, magic potents, good luck charms, and your personal copy of Pier Fishing in California (that seems to weigh several pounds itself). Of course you also need something to help you carry off that 30-pound fish that you’re going to take home for dinner. Some are simple (i.e, old grocery carts), some are commercially available models found at most hardware stores, some are elaborate home-made contraptions containing all sorts of personal innovations. However, simple or complex, inexpensive or expensive, they must do the same thing: provide a platform by which to haul that sometimes fairly heavy equipment out to the end of the pier. And, they must be sturdy enough to be hauled up and down stairs as well as over rough-hewn planks. In addition, they must be able to survive the vicissitudes of car trunk and pick-up truck travel. They’re a MUST HAVE piece of equipment.

One day we had a thread on Pier Fishing in California about pier carts and someone sent in the following title (which I’ve changed for this article). We also received a plethora of pictures of people’s favorite carts.

These first two pictures are of my pier cart (minus the rod holders) and I’ve used this one or similar ones since the ’80s

KJ Pier Cart 2016 at Citizens Dock in Crescent City

Art and his pier cart — Newport Pier

Crabman’s pier cart — Newport Pier

Matty and Gordo Grande — Hermosa Beach Pier

Rockhoppers pier cart — Berkeley Pier

Gyzodude’s “green monster” cart —Berkeley Pier

Kim’s pier cart — Goleta Pier

Dumbarton Dave’s pier cart — Dumbarton Pier

Jason’s pier cart

DompfaBen’s pier cart

Pier cart at Malibu Pier, 2007

Gordo’s pier cart

Unknown pier cart

BigdaddyO57′s pier cart

Jimbojack’s Cart

Riorust’s pier cartReelHabit’s pier cart

Sinker’s small pier cart

Mark and the “Magic Pier Cart” — Oceanside Pier

 Pier cart at the Huntington Beach Pier in 2015

Pier cart at Manhattan Beach Pier in 2006

Pier Cart at the Balboa Pier

Pier Cart at the Port Hueneme Pier

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