Reviews of Pier Fishing in California — 1st. Edition

 “Pier Fishing in California” — 1st Edition — 1992


“Ken Jones has put a lifetime of pier fishing experience into a book that should be in every angler’s library. It is full of valuable information that will benefit the beginner, the expert and everyone in between.”

—Guy Clifton, Editor, Fishing & Hunting News


“Finally, a fact-filled book for California piers…how, what, where, why and when. Don’t go pier fishing without it.

United Anglers of California


 “This is the best pier fishing book I’ve ever seen. Piers are eminently accessible, mostly free of charge and offer excellent fishing. And the information in PIER FISHING IN CALIFORNIA is just what you need for a successful fishing venture anywhere along the California coast.

—Bill Karr, Editor, Western Outdoor News


“Pier fishing is great fun. And now there is a book that reveals how to pier fish with confidence, and how to catch each of the many species California’s 80-plus piers have to offer.”

—Ron Kovach, Author of Saltwater Fishing In California


PIER FISHING IN CALIFORNIA is an outstanding guide. It provides a first hand, insiders view to every pier in California. It’s eminently useful to everyone from the beginning angler to the expert.”

—Jim Matthews, Editor, California Angler Magazine


The Pier Rats Speak —  Amazon.Com — Customer Reviews — Pier Fishing in California, 1st. Ed.

Classic fishing in the mode of simplicity, December 20, 1999  ★★★★★ Reviewer: gurdonark from La Crescenta, CA  

“Consumerism has invaded fishing much as it has ruined many other pastimes. We are constantly called upon to buy more and better exotic products, in pursuit of the perfect trade magazine nirvana. No longer can one just go to a pleasant locale and just fish—one must be on a five day trip in Mexican waters aboard a luxury yacht with a ton and a half of electronic equipment and shiny tackle materials that make graphite seem archaic. Pier Fishing in California is about a simpler way—fishing from public piers across the state. Here are simple, inexpensive ways to have a day of fascinating fishing, without the need for boat, high tech tackle, trawling motor, or (in the cases of public piers), even a fishing license. The book does the job just right—a pier by pier rundown of where to fish, what you’ll catch, how to catch it, and how good the fishing is, usually with a pier picture. All “how to” books should be this simple and useful, and pier fishing is a sport that deserves more attention. I suspect if more young people were taken to piers and taught patient technique rather than taken on expensive charters and taught how big money = easy fishing, then we might generate more young people with a genuine love for the sport.”

One of the Finest Books on Saltwater Fishing Ever, August 2, 2001 ★★★★★ Reviewer: jimbojack  from Huntington Beach, CA  USA 

“Ken Jones has written a masterful book that details California piers up and down the coast. This books tells you the secrets and tips for more successful fishing adventures on California piers. An in depth look at each pier, what types of fish you’ll catch, and most importantly, how to catch them. Ken reveals what baits to use, how to hook them and even some favorite recipes to prepare your catch. Also included are pictures of many species to easily identify fish. You will learn knots, rigs and what type of tackle you’ll need to become a better angler. This book is no nonsense and straight to the point but never lacks for detail. This book is great for saltwater anglers no matter where you live. If you love fishing the way I do, this is a must read… Great book!”

Bible for the California Saltwater Shorefisherman! August 3, 2001 ★★★★★ Reviewer: Salty Nick from San Francisco Bay Area

“A must for any person who enjoys saltwater fishing in the state of California. Ken has done a wonderful job of clearly and concisely describing fishing tackle & techniques for angling at California’s coastal piers, as well as environments and species available at each specific pier. Though useful to any fisherman—as a boatless shorefisherman, this guide has been invaluable to me. The author’s obvious years of experience are reflected in this book, which has greatly increased my learning curve (and fish count). And the illustrated reference guide in the back of the book is a great tool in identifying what you’ve hooked into. Makes me want to go fishing!”

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