Avila Pier — 2011 Kids Fishing Derby

Although the morning’s thunder, lightening, and rain undoubtedly scared away some participants, thirty six youngsters still showed up for the First Annual Avila Pier Kid’s Fishing Derby on September 10, 2011.

Registration was handled by Tamra Spence and Cheryl Spence

I’m going to catch one this big! Dora and Elaine Liu

Warren Liu

Move your right hand up a little farther…

A “fishin’ family” and Hashem Nahid from UPSAC

UPSAC’s James Liu, Mike Spence (Santa), Dora Liu and Elaine Liu

You’ve got to check your bait

A happy young angler

It’s always good to take the daughter fishing

Sponsored by United Pier and Shore Anglers of California (UPSAC), the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the kids got a chance to fish with loaner rods/reels, received a free lunch, won raffle prizes, and received “goody bags” filled with a variety of gifts.

How about some ice cream with your fishing?

And though the fishing was slow—mackerel, sardines, sanddabs, sculpin, and perch—as well as a squid and several crabs, all the kids appeared to have a great time.

A small speckled sanddab

A small staghorn sculpin aka bullhead

How many did you catch? Four? Great!

One of the favorite times for the kids is the raffle and we had a plethora of different gifts, some small and some big.

UPSAC’s Central Coast Coordinator Mike Spence, Tamra Spence, a hidden Ken Jones, and Cheryl Spence

In the background, Denise and Louis Dornbush, owners of the Avila Pier Bait and Tackle shop

Amanda Liu

Age-group winners received new rods and reels, an autographed copy of Pier Fishing in California, a beautiful certificate from the IGFA, and copies of the California Finfish and Shellfish Identification Book. The winners were—6 Years and younger: Kylie Mazzanti; 7-year-old: Steve Lourenco; 8-year-old: Alvaro Bravo; 9-year-old: Mason Cazaet; 10-year-old: Nico Fanacchi; 11-year-old: Warren Liu; 12-year-old: Jason Burtneti; and 13-year-old Tanayra Bravo.

UPSAC Coordinator Mike Spence and 7-Year-Old Winner Steve Lourence

UPSAC Coordinator Mike Spence and 8-Year-Old Winner Alvaro Bravo

UPSAC Coordinator Mike Spence and 9-Year-Old Winner Mason Cazact

UPSAC Coordinator Mike Spence and 10-Year-Old Winner Nico Fanacchi

UPSAC Coordinator Mike Spence and 11-Year-Old-Winner Warren Liu

UPSAC Coordinator Mike Spence and 12-Year-Old Winner Jason Burtneti

Following the announcement of the age group winners was the handing out of the “Goody Bags” that contained even more gifts.

The volunteer workers were led by Derby Coordinator (and UPSAC Board Membe) Mike Spence. He was was assisted by fellow board member Hashem Nahid, UPSAC Treasurer James Liu, and UPSAC President Ken Jones. They were joined by Pier Fishing in California (pierfishing.com) member RobF, Louis and Denise Dornbush (owners of the Avila Pier Bait & Tackle Shop), Cheryl Spence, Tamra Spence, and John Burke.

Gifts were donated by the Avila Pier Bait & Tackle, The Tidepool (Cayucos), Oceanside Pier B&T, Promar, IGFA, NOAA and the California Fish and Game.

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