Berkeley Pier — 2013 Kids Fishing Derby

The first of the 2013 IGFA-UPSAC Youth Fishing Derbies was held on June 15, 2013 at the Berkeley Pier and it was a day that saw nice weather, a good turnout of youngsters, and quite a few fish even if they were of the super small category.


Amanda Liu checking in the youngsters

Loaner rods and reels

James Liu showing how to use the reel

The venue was the Berkeley Pier, the iconic 3,000 foot-long pier that historically ranks as the first of more than 120 public piers in California. The bay was full of boats, the sky was full of clouds, San Francisco and Bay Area hills shined in the distance, and the fish (blackperch, walleye surfperch, jacksmelt, baby bat rays, baby smoothhound sharks, and bullheads), together with a few crabs, seemed to provide fun for the crowd of roughly 80 people.

Joining the UPSAC group that put on the derby was Carrie Wilson and Mary Patyten from the California Fish and Game Department. They handed out a variety of posters and books including the Fishing Passport Booklets. They then stamped the booklets as the kids caught a variety of species.

Several members of the California Fish and Game Department were on hand

The first fish of the day was a small perch

Thomas Orozco and a blackperch

This young lady caught a staghorn sculpin aka bullhead. Look at those dimples!

Elaine Liu — Elaine, that’s bait!

The pier was full of people

She’s got a rock crab

Mary Patyten from the Fish and Game Department offers information

Another crab

UPSAC Board Member Robert Gardner helping to clear a line

Mary Patyten of the Fish and Game

Robert Gardner showing a rigging

It turned into a beautiful day

Amanda Liu

Elaine Liu

The last fish of the day was this tiny, baby brown smoothhound shark

Following the fishing each youngster and parent was given a hot dog lunch. Immediately thereafter the raffle was held with a gift for every youngster.

UPSAC Board Member Brian Linebarger and an eager group of kids

Last but not least was the announcement of the various age group winners.

UPSAC President Ken Jones tabulating the results

The various 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners were:  6-year-old: (1) Fiona Klyashchitsky, (2) Andrea Katz, (3) Penelope Hopper; 7-year old: (1) Leland Arashiro, (2) Misha Tikin, (3) James Mook; 8-year-old: (1) Kimmy Bierman, (2) Jacob Palacio; 10-year-old: (1) Samantha Bierman; 11-year-old: (1) Trinity Arashiro; 12-year-old: (1) Jordan Mook, (2) Hans Jones, (3) Brehana Head; 13-year-old: (1) Thomas Orozco, (2) Daniel Goltom, (3) Warren Liu; 15-year-old: (1) Brenden Linebarger; 16-year-old (1) Cassandra Ortiz. Named the “Top Angler” was Thomas Orozco.

3rd Place, 6-Year-Old, Penelope Hopper

2nd Place, 6-Year-Old — Andrea Katz

UPSAC’s James Liu gives the 1st Place Award for 6-Year-Olds, to Fiona Klyashchitsky

3rd Place, 7-Year-Old, James Mook

2nd Place, 7-Year-Old, Misha Tikin

UPSAC’s James Liu and the 1st Place Winner, Age 7, Leland Arashiro

2nd Place Winner, 8-Year-Old, Jacob Palacio

Age 9,

1st Place, 10-Year-Old, Samantha Bierman

1st Place, 11-Year-Old, Trinity Arashiro

2nd Place, 12-Year-Old, Hans Jones

1st Place, 12-Year-Old, Jordan Mook

3rd Place, 13-Year-Old, Warren Liu

UPSAC’s James Liu and 1st Place winner, 13-Year-Old, Thomas Orozco

1st Place, 16-Year-Old, Cassandra Ortiz

UPSAC President Ken Jones and Thomas Orozco, winner of the “Top Angler” Award

The primary UPSAC volunteers were Ken Jones, Brian Linebarger, James Liu, Robert Gardner, and Hans Jones.

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