Marin Rod & Gun Club — 29th Annual “Kids Day On The Pier”

29th Annual “Kids Day on the Pier” A Success

The Marin Rod and Gun Club, started in 1926, celebrated its 91st birthday this year and is one of California’s oldest and, in my opinion, best clubs in the state.

August 19, 2017 saw the 29th Annual “Kid’s Day on the Pier” at the Marin Rod & Gun Club on San Quentin Point in San Rafael, California. The event was co-sponsored this year by UPSAC (United Pier and Shore Anglers of California), PFIC (Pier Fishing In California), and the IGFA (International Game Fish Association).

The day saw an enthusiastic group of 57 youngsters, a crowd of roughly 150 people, great weather (until the winds decided to be a little gnarly), and a very good number of fish.

Loaner rods and reels were available as well as free bait and assistance when needed. Combined with the fishing was a free hot dog lunch and every participant received a rod and reel from the club.

Marin Rod & Gun Club members worked at a variety of jobs

UPSAC/PFIC Members Brian Linebarger and Robert Gardner helped rig up the UPSAC loaner rods for the kids.

The pier was full of families enjoying the great outdoors!

Mother and Child!

Jacksmelt were the predominate catch of the day!

This was the largest striped bass of the day

Hans Jones Jr. with a bat ray — Photo courtesy of Hans Jones

Hans Jones and Hans Jones Jr.

Monteriro Family

Mel Kon from Pier Fishing In California

Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo

Fish On!

Leopard Shark — Photo courtesy of Rita Magdamo

Bat Ray — Photo courtesy of Hans Jones & Rita Magdamo

UPSAC/PFIC member Robert Gardner with a jacksmelt to be used for live bait

UPSAC/PFIC member Brian Linebarger with a Diamond Turbot

Each individual age group winner received a 1st Place trophy, a beautiful IGFA certificate, and an autographed copy of Pier Fishing in California by Ken Jones.

The crowd waiting for the derby results to be announced

Ken Jones and John Evans announcing the results

Age group winners: 5-year-old and under: (Tie) Sierra Maeda and Liam Connell (2 time winner)

Sierra Maeda

Liam Connell

6-year-old: (Tie) Eva Orsi and Azai Handy.

Eva Orsi

Azai Handy

7-year-old winner Nicholas Yaitanes

8-year-old: Tyler Yerkey — No photo

9-year-old winner: Michel Monteiro (2 time winner)

10-year-old winner: Priscilla Villalpando

11-year-old winner: David Shigematsu

12-year-old winner: Micah Sweet

13-year-old winner: Dylan Monteiro (3-time winner) 

14-year-old winner: Ethan Chu

15-year old winner: Emily Olewinski.

The largest fish of the day included a 25-inch striped bass by Eric Jamison Stone (who also caught a 15-inch striper and a 14-inch halibut), a 26-inch leopard shark and 15-inch striped bass by Liam Connell; a 39-inch bat ray and 19-inch leopard shark by Priscilla Villalpando; two large bat rays by Michel Monteiro; a 15-inch halibut by Michael Ng; a 16-inch striper by Alexander Yaitanes; a medium-sized striped bass by Cody Monteiro, and several large 13-15-inch jacksmelt.

Representing the Marin Rod and Gun Club: Chairmen Gary Colmere, Vice-Chaiman Roy Jackson, John Evans and upwards of 30 or more club members who performed a plethora of duties—serving as judges on the pier, cleaning and fixing rods and reels for both the derby and the raffle, cooking the hot dog lunch, setting up and cleaning the auditorium and kitchen, helping with the registration, and helping announce the results of the raffle.

Gary Colmere

Roy “Sarge” Jackson

Representing UPSAC: President Ken Jones, Vice-President Robert Gardner, Secretary Brian Linebarger, Board Members: Hans Jones and Rita Magdamo.

Representing the Pier Fishing in California ( website family were the above UPSAC members as well as  Melvin Kon.

A huge thank you goes to the Marin Gun and Rod Club and the various other organizations and volunteers for putting on this great annual event.

All unattributed photos, with the exception of the derby winners, taken by Ken Jones — Derby winner photos taken by Rita Magdamo


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