2004 PFIC/UPSAC Goleta Pier Get Together

Goleta Pier — July 31 2004

Various pictures from the PFIC/UPSAC Goelta Pier Get Together

We know it was a wonderful event, one filled with good will, good food, and some good fishing but we’re still trying to find the old PFIC Message Board posts on the event

Trying to get a group photo — Photo courtesy of GDude (James Liu)

Photo courtesy GDude (James Liu)

There was a mix of fish caught from the pier and surf — Photo courtesy GDude (James Liu)


A small group photo including Redfish (Robert Gardner), Big Rich (Rich McIntosh), Pierhead (Boyd Grant) and others. Help with names?

Baitfish (Adam Cassidy) and Roosterfish (Rebecca Casidy)

Pescare (Ed) and his daughters

GDude (James Liu) and family

Tidy Cat and a kelp bass

Mike and a kelp (calico) bass

The San Diego contingent

All photos below taken by our friend GDude (James Liu)

Baitfish (Adam)

Pierhead (Boyd)

Fred cooking some food

Fred cooking


Don Blaze


Salty and KJ

Good-by note for Sinker who was moving to Florida

Sinker (Tim Durham) on left and Baitfish (Adam Cassidy) on the right

Harry Goodall and KJ

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