The 2022 “Kids Day on the Pier” — Marin Rod & Gun Club Pier

Saturday, August 27, saw a large group of volunteers and a large group of kids and parents at the Marin Rod & Gun Club pier for the annual “Kids Day on the Pier” fishing derby.

The Marin Rod and Gun Club and Pier Fishing in California ( brought free loaner tackle and people to help out at the event while the club provided the free bait. Assistance for the (often) newbie anglers was available as needed.

We had 86 youngsters on the pier with at least that many adults and fish were caught although not too many. The red tide, which unfortunately has negatively affected much of the bay, was making its presence known and only 11 bat rays, 3 leopard sharks, 1 halibut, 1 jacksmelt and 1 surfperch were caught. Typically the list is led by a large number of jacksmelt so I think their absence more than anything else reflected the red tide.

Nevertheless, the atmosphere was upbeat, the kids were smiling, and even the weather cooperated for the most part (although just a tad bit windy).

Bat Ray Time

California Halibut

Once the fishing was completed, every youngster received a free hot dog lunch courtesy of the club followed by the announcement of the age group winners. Each individual age group winner received a 1st Place trophy and an autographed copy of Pier Fishing in California by Ken Jones of Pier Fishing In California who was making his tenth appearance at the event.

Age Group winners:

5-Year-Old Winner— Eliza Jane Mills

6-Year-Old Winner — Yahir Salanic

7-Year-Old Winner — Zach Mitchell

8-Year-Old Winner — Lily Mitchell

9-Year-Old Winner — Reed Stewart

10-Year-Old Winner — Trevor Selle

11-Year-Old Winner — Brodie Guerraro

12-Year-Old Winner — Thomas Valdez

13-Year-Old Winner — Matthew Morimoto

14-Year-Old Winner— Kaden Choi

15-Year-Old Winner — Kiana Choi

Last but certainly not least was the raffle, which provided rods and reels for EVERY youngster that was in the derby. Al Petrocelli, the club coordinator for the event, raised more than $7,000 in donations that helped pay for the rods and reels.

There were many, many club volunteers to thank, those who assisted with registration, setting up the rods, reels and bait, the judges, and all the cooks and servers for the lunch. Unfortunately I only have three names, the three ladies who registered the youngsters—Jennie Petrocelli, Ann Marie Melanephy, and Katie Shurtz.  But we are thankful for all who helped make the day a successful event.

I also want to thank the Pier Fishing in California crew that showed up—Rita Magdamo (also a club member), Kyle Pease, Dave DeJong, Robert Gardner (Redfish) and Hans Jones. They rigged (and unrigged) rods and reels, helped judge, and took pictures. It was all appreciated.

A special thanks goes to Rich Reano the webmaster for who flew all the way up from San Diego to film the event. He took so much film he will probably make two films, one of the club and one of the event.


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