2023 Al Pietrosilli’s Kid’s Day on the Pier — Marin Rod & Gun Club

Marin Rod & Gun Club — Al Pietrosilli’s Kid’s Day on the Pier

Saturday, August 26, saw a large group of volunteers host the 34th annual “Kids Day On The Pier,” an event given a new name this year—“Al Pietrosilli’s Kid’s Day on the Pier.” Although the 45 youngsters in attendance was a somewhat smaller than expected number, they and roughly 90 adults filled the pier with high hope, excitement and fish. The atmosphere was upbeat, the kids were smiling, and the weather cooperated with mid temperatures and just a slight breeze.


The Marin Rod and Gun Club and Pier Fishing in California (pierfishing.com) brought free loaner tackle and people to help out at the event while the club provided the free bait. Assistance for the (often) newbie anglers was available from both club and PFIC members.

Loaner rods and reels

People quickly headed to what they hoped would be a “hot” spot

Fish on!

A nice variety of fish were caught by the young anglers including 3 striped bass, 2 leopard sharks, 2 thornback rays, 1 bat ray, 2 walleye surfperch, 1 barred surfperch, 1 staghorn sculpin, and many, many jacksmelt.

Thornback Ray

Leopard Shark

Walleye Surfperch

A young lady with a jacksmelt


Striped Bass

Once the fishing was completed, every youngster received a free hot dog lunch courtesy of the club followed by the announcement of the age group winners. Each individual age group winner received a 1st Place trophy and an autographed copy of Pier Fishing in California by Ken Jones of Pier Fishing In California who was making his eleventh appearance at the event.

Ken Jones

Next up was the announcement of the winners in the various age categories. Age Group winners: 5 & 6-Year-Old — (tie) Baxter Grey and Crystal Ariya; 7-Year-Old — Gemma Schultz; 8-Year-Old — (tie) Isaac Guiterez and Maddox Doherty; 9-Year-Old — Destin Malony; 11-Year-Old — Evan Magoria; 12-Year-Old — Bora Tekin; 13-Year-Old — Vincent Borosso.  Special prize to Miles McCulloch who fought a large ray to the surface but whose fish was lost in the netting.

5 & 6-Year-Old — Baxter Grey

 5 & 6-Year-Old — Crystal Ariya

7-yr-old Gemma Schultz

8-yr-old Isaac Guiterez

8-yr-old Maddox Doherty

9-yr-old Destin Malony

11-yr-old Evan Magoria

12-yr-old Bora Tekin

13-yr-old Vincent Borosso

Special Award – Miles McCulloch

Last but certainly not least was the raffle, which provided brand new rods and reels for EVERY youngster that was in the derby. It was fun watching the youngsters pick out their favorite rods and reels.

There are many, many volunteers to thank, those who assisted with registration, setting up the rods, reels and bait, the judges, and all the cooks and servers for the lunch.

First and of upmost importance is Al Pietrosilli, the club coordinator for the event. He’s the one hitting the streets and getting the necessary donations (thousands of dollars) for the event, money that paid for everything from the food to the rods and reels. The change in the derby name certainly reflects the honor he has earned for his outstanding work on the derby over the years.

Registration was handled by club members Katie Schultz, Patti Clark, Ann Marie and Rita Magdamo (who’s also a PFIC member).

Setting up the rods and reels were club members Scott and Gary along with PFIC members Rita Magdamo, Hans Jones, Robert Gardner and Kyle Pease.

Judges included club members Nick Kerr, Justin Etter, Mark Tognoli, Mike Tomita, Kevin Tomita, Ed McCain, and Vince Simpson, along with PFIC members Mel Kon, Kyle Pease, and Hans Jones.

Helping with water and recycling bottles was club members James and Daniella Hearn.

In closing, special attention once again should be given to Al Petrocelli but two additional men were instrumental in making everything so smoothly come together—Joe Morrison, a board member who has helped the derby for years and President Dan Nonberg who was busy throughout the day making sure everything came together. A big thanks to both.

Al Pietrosilli and Ken Jones







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