July 2011 archives

The Cayucos Pier Through The Years

As a former history teacher I’ve always enjoyed studying the actual history of the piers (in fact I am working on a new book about the history of the piers). Of course the history has to include some pictures. This picture is from a California Dept. of Fish and Game pamphlet. This is from 1972. [...]

Red Tide

I think it was ‘Ol Casey, although it might have been Yogi, who once said, “hit it where they ain’t.” Much of fishin’ is learning to cast it where they is! Luckily there is usually some type of fish around a pier at all times—with one exception. That exception is the dreaded “red tide.” This [...]

California Scorpionfish: When a sculpin is not a sculpin?

Fish names can be confusing and even though I preach the value of keeping a “Fish ID” book with the tackle, it’s a sermon rarely followed. The result is that too many anglers simply never learn the true names of fish even if at times it might prevent a citation — or a nasty sting. [...]

Great Whites, Avila and San Luis Obispo Bay

I was fishing at the Avila Pier the other day and noticed that the shark warning signs seem to have been removed from the beach. I guess it’s not surprising given the usually placid waters of San Luis Obispo Bay and the fact that large fish are rarely taken from the pier, even large sharks. [...]

The Many Faces & Colors of Black Seaperch

Black seaperch, Embiotoca jacksoni, are one of my favorite fish. They’re readily available throughout much of California, scrappy fighters, pretty little fish, and fair to eat (although I no longer eat them). Black Seaperch Species: Embiotoca jacksoni (Agassiz, 1853); from the Greek word embiotoca (bringing forth living young), and jacksoni (in honor of A. C. [...]