December 2011 archives

Swell Shark — Ain’t so Swell

 Order Carcharhiniformes — Cat Sharks—Family Scyliorhinidae A swell shark from the Cayucos Pier Species: Cephaloscyllium ventriosum (Garman, 1880); from the Greek words cephalo  (with a head) and scyllium  (like a dog or monster) and the Latin ventr  (referring to the belly). Alternate Names: Catshark, puffer shark and balloon shark. Called tiburón inflado, pejegato globo or [...]

Lobsterilla — A Giant Lobster From The Oceanside Pier

 Persevering twins reap late reward of one giant lobster One of the very best writers that I know from my time in the “Outdoor Writers Association of California” is San Diego’s Ed Zieralski. Here’s a story he wrote about a little lobster. By Ed Zieralski, San Diego Union-Tribune, October 20, 2002 It was another marathon [...]

California Yellowtail —

Yellowtail caught at the Crystal Pier in San Diego by Angel Hernandez in September 2015 35-Pound yellowtail taken from the Balboa Pier by “Aaron”on November 1, 2003 Species: Seriola dorsalis (Valenciennes, 1833); from the Italian word seriola (for amberjack) and dorsalis (the long dorsal fin). Some sources now use Seriola lalandi. Alternate Names: Yellowtail, amberjack, [...]

Cabezon — King of the Sculpin

A nice cabezon from the Redondo Sportfishing Pier Species: Scorpaenichthys marmoratus (Ayres, 1854); from the Greek words scorpaena (a related species) and ichthys  (fish), and the Latin word marmoratus  (marbled). Great picture of a cabezon caught from the rocks in Mendocino County by FireRidge in 2016 Alternate Names: Commonly called bullhead; also marbled sculpin, cab, [...]