February 2012 archives

The Nitty Gritty California Pier Trivia Quizzes —

If you have read Pier Fishing in California you should be able to answer the following questions without breaking a sweat. If you can’t, I expect you to sleep the next seven nights with the book under your pillow. Just pretend it’s a love letter from your first boyfriend, girlfriend — or whatever.  By the [...]

Pebble Beach & the Stillwater Cove Pier (aka Matthew & Mimi Jenkins Pier)

After watching the last round of today’s Pebble Beach Pro-Am, I thought what better day to post some facts about the pier that kept showing up on the screen? Stillwater Cove Pier The view from the pier is stunning! Look slightly to the west and you’ll see the Pescadero Rocks, the rocky pinnacle and strands [...]

Pacific Bonito — a true fighting fish

Bonito — Venice Pier Mackerel and Tuna—Family Scombridae Species: Sarda chiliensis (Cuvier, 1832); from the Greek word sarda  (an ancient name for an European species of bonito) and chiliensis (in reference to Chile, South America, where the species was first recognized). Subspecies (those in California): Sarda chiliensis lineolata. Bonito — Ben Acker (DompfaBen), Cabrillo Mole, [...]

The Point Mugu Pier — Gone But Not Forgotten

The Point Mugu Pier A locally popular fishing pier was one that existed for years at the Naval Air Station at Pt. Mugu. As to be expected, access was limited to military personnel and their dependents but apparently it was an excellent pier for many species including deep-water fish from time to time. Unfortunately the [...]

MLPA and the Emerald Waters —

When The Ship Comes In Oh the time will come up When the winds will stop And the breeze will cease to be breathin’. Like the stillness in the wind ‘Fore the hurricane begins, The hour when the ship comes in. Oh the seas will split And the ship will hit And the sands on [...]