December 2013 archives

Great Whites at the Manhattan Beach Pier?

At the end of December 2013 an article appeared in the New York Daily News by Michael Welsh. The title — Did a great white shark photobomb surfing kids at Manhattan Beach, Calif.? The woman who snapped the picture of her son and his friend swimming near a shadowy figure that resembles a shark said [...]

Reviews of Pier Fishing in California — 1st. Edition

 “Pier Fishing in California” — 1st Edition — 1992   “Ken Jones has put a lifetime of pier fishing experience into a book that should be in every angler’s library. It is full of valuable information that will benefit the beginner, the expert and everyone in between.” —Guy Clifton, Editor, Fishing & Hunting News   [...]

Pier Fishing In California (the book) and in the news—

The First Article —USA Weekend Magazine, May 9, 1997 Pier Fishing In California and the website was mentioned in the article Of course there have been other articles — SITTIN’ ON THE DOCK OF THE BAY Pier fishing site assists anglers in California By Thom Gabrukiewicz, (Redding) Record Searchlight August 15, 2004 Ken Jones [...]