September 2014 archives

Olive Rockfish

Olive Rockfish from Monterey Wharf #2 Species: Sebastes serranoides (Eigenmann & Eigenmann, 1890); from the Greek words sebastes (magnificent), and serranoides, a combination of Latin and Greek words (resembling a bass). Alternate Names: Sugar bass, Johnny bass or Jonathan (in Southern California), greenie (in central California); sometimes called kelp yellowtail, kelp salmon, bass rockfish, sugarfish. [...]

Copper Rockfish

Copper Rockfish from the Morro Bay South T-Pier   Species: Sebastes caurinus (Richardson, 1844); from the Greek word sebastes (magnificent). and the Latin word caurinus (northwest wind), a reference to the first specimens being taken in the northwest off of Sitka, Alaska. Alternate Names: Chucklehead, whitebelly rockfish, white gopher, gopher, white grouper, sailfin rockfish, yellowbacked [...]


Treefish from the Cabrillo Mole at Avalon on Catalina Island Species: Sebastes serriceps (Jordan & Gilbert, 1880); from the Greek words sebastes (magnificent), and serriceps (formed from two Latin words meaning saw head) in reference to the large head spines. Alternate Names: Convict fish, lipstick bass, lipstick fish, barber pole and garrupa.  Called rocote presidiario [...]

Gopher Rockfish

Gopher Rockfish from the Monterey Coast Guard Pier Species: Sebastes carnatus (Jordan & Gilbert, 1880); from the Greek word sebastes (magnificent), and the Latin word carnatus (flesh colored). Alternate Names:  Butterball, butter bass, gopher cod. Called rocote amarillo in Mexico. Identification:  Deep, stout body with a steep porofile. Spinous dorsal higher than soft rays; spines [...]

Brown Rockfish

Brown Rockfish from the San Clemente Pier Species: Sebastes auriculatus (Girard, 1854); from the Greek word sebastes (magnificent) and the Latin word auriculatus  (eared, referring to the large spot on the gill cover). Alternate Names:  Chocolate bass is a common name as is bolina (from Bolinas Bay where they were first caught in large numbers). [...]