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A Classic Pier Fishing in California thread — “A Big Ray”

Date: October 27, 2002, To: Pier Fishing in California Message Board, From: gmm, Subject: Quivera Basin (Mission Bay, San Diego) I haven’t been able to fish all week (the horror of it all) and it was looking like this weekend would be no different. I was just able to squeeze in an hour at Quivera [...]

Silver Surfperch

Species: Hyperprosopon ellipticum (Gibbons, 1854); from the Greek root words hyper (above) and prosopon (face, from the upward direction of the face), and the Latin word ellipticum (elliptical, referring to the outline of the body). Family Embiotocidae, subfamily Amphistichinae. Alternate Names: Silver perch or surfperch. In Mexico called mojarra ovalada or perca. Identification: Their coloring [...]


   Blackperch from the Ferry Point Pier in Richmond Species: Embiotoca jacksoni (Agassiz, 1853); from the Greek word embiotoca (bringing forth living young), and jacksoni  (in honor of A. C. Jackson of San Francisco, who first noted that these perch give birth to living young and brought it to the attention of Alexander Agassiz who [...]

Reef Seaperch

Reef seaperch from Monterey Wharf $2 Species: Micrometrus aurora (Jordan & Gilbert, 1880); from the Greek words mikros (small) and metr (having a womb), and the Latin word aurora (sunrise). Family Embiotocidae, subfamily Embiotocinae. Alternate Names: Reef surfperch. In Mexico called mojarra de arrecife or perca. Identification: Typical perch shape with the longest dorsal fin [...]

Rubberlip Seaperch

   Rubberlip Seaperch from the Monterey Coast Guard Pier Species: Rhacochilus toxotes (Agassiz, 1854); from the Greek words rhacochilus (rag lip) and toxotes (pertaining to the East Indian archer fish, because of a presumed resemblance). Family Embiotocidae, subfamily Embiotocinae. Alternate Names: Buttermouth perch, porgee, sprat, or liverlip. In the 19th century these were called sprat [...]