Marin Rod & Gun Club — 28th Annual “Kids Day On The Pier”

July 30, 2016, saw the Marin Rod and Gun Club in San Rafael celebrate its 28th Annual “Kid’s Day on the Pier” at its iconic, quarter-mile-long wooden pier. 61 youngsters, ages 4-15, parents, friends and club members enjoyed the mild 83-degree weather, a refreshing breeze, and cooperative fish that brought excitement and joy to the crowd of around 150 people. Of course there was a lot of work involved to set up and make the event a success.

The Marin Rod and Gun Club, started in 1926, celebrated its 90th birthday this year and is one of California’s oldest and, in my opinion, best clubs in the state.

Although a long-time club event, UPSAC (United Pier and Shore Anglers of California), the IGFA (International Game Fish Association), and PFIC (Pier Fishing In California) co-sponsored and provided part of the people and the gifts for the youngsters.

Rita Magdamo, a club member as well as an UPSAC and PFIC member, gets the UPSAC loaner rods ready for the youngsters.

An early morn on the bay and in the sky
Rita Magdamo and Robert Gardner, Vice-President of UPSAC

Loaner rods and reels were available as well as free bait and assistance when needed.

Kyle Pease and Alex Poone of Pier Fishing In California

Combined with the fishing was a free hot dog lunch and a raffle where every participant received a rod and reel from the club.

Club members setting up the tables and putting finishing touches on the rods and reels for the raffle.

A fairly empty pier awaiting the crowd.

Here’s the bait. All you need is some bait and a pole to catch a fish — right?

Once you got your bait you grabbed a loaner pole and then headed out to that secret “top spot” on the pier where the big ‘uns are caught.

The derby started at 10 A.M. and shortly thereafter the pier began to fill with youngsters and their families.

One of the many families.

A jacksmelt, one of many.

Leopard Shark

A total of 82 fish were caught including 6 California halibut, 2 striped bass, 4 leopard sharks, 2 brown smoothhound sharks (aka sand sharks), 7 bat rays (aka mud marlin), and 61 jacksmelt.

The San Rafael-Richmond Bridge is always an interesting sight.

The Kosla family

Bat Ray

Leopard Shark — Hans Jones Jr.

Largest fish of each species: California halibut: 14” by Liam Connell; striped bass: 16” by Theo Pontes; leopard shark: 22” by Tulan White; brown smoothhound shark: 18” by Hans Jones Jr.; bat ray: 32” by Jake Barnes; jacksmelt: 16 1/2” by Tyler Hemnings.

Striped Bass — Mikayla Melero (Photo courtesy of Lisa Lue)

 California Halibut — Mikayla Melero (Photo courtesy of Lisa Lue)


Jacksmelt — Audrey Kosla (Photo courtesy of Nick Kosla)

Grace and Mikayla

Sharing a shark!

Halibut — Michele NG (Photo courtesy of Herman Ng)

Bat Ray — Jake Barnes (Photo courtesy of Brent Barnes)

Jacksmelt — Audrey and Grace Kosla  (Photo courtesy of Nick Kosla)

Interesting sight looking at the bridge and the East Bay hills.

Rita Magdamo and Robert Gardner by the UPSAC sign.

Next up would be the hot dog lunch followed by announcement of the age-group winners and the raffle

Each individual age group winner received a 1st Place trophy for their catch, a beautiful IGFA certificate, and an autographed copy of Pier Fishing in California by Ken Jones. UPSAC President Ken Jones and Dr. John Evans handed out the goodies.

Age group winner: 5-year-old and under — Lena Klyashchitsky

Age group winner: 6-year-old — Grace Kosla

Age group winner: 7-year-old — Jake Barnes

Age group winner: 8-year-old — Kody Monteiro

Age group winner: 9-year-old — Mikayla Melero

Age group winner: 10-year-old — Tulan White

Age group winner: 11-year-old — Tyler Hemnings

Age group winner: 12-year-old — Dylan Monteiro

Age group winner: 13-year-old —Joshua Klyaschitsky

Age group winner: 14-year-old — Pato Harris

Age group winner: 15-year old — Hans Jones Jr.

 Gary Colmere — Chairman of the 2016 “Kids Day In The Pier”

Joe Morrison, President of the Marin Rod and Gun Club, Ken Jones and Dr. John Evans to the right

Next up was the raffle. Each participant received a raffle ticket and as the numbers were called they would go to the front and pick out a rod and reel.

Representing the Marin Rod and Gun Club: Chairmen Gary Colmere, President Joe Morrison, and more than 20 other club members who performed a plethora of duties—serving as judges on the pier, cleaning and fixing rods and reels for both the derby and the raffle, cooking the hot dog lunch, setting up and cleaning the auditorium and kitchen, helping with the registration, helping announce the results of the raffle, and a hundred and one other things never even noticed.

Representing UPSAC: President Ken Jones, Vice-President Robert Gardner, Board Member Hans Jones and member Rita Magdamo. Representing the Pier Fishing in California (PFIC) website was Kyle Pease and Alex Poon.

All pictures by Ken Jones unless otherwise noted.

A huge thank you goes to the Marin Gun and Rod Club and the various other organizations and volunteers for putting on this great annual event.

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