Opening day for crabs in 2010

I get a lot of nice posts on Pier Fishing In California [] but few start off with a bevy of really good pictures like this one.

Crab Season of 2010 — mixbreed

To: Pier Fishing In California Message Board, From: mixbreed, Date: November 6, 2010

Went out today for the opener of the crab season. and boy was it crowded. i almost could not find a parking space to park the car. got there around 8 am and the beach was full of crab snarer. i managed to fit into this little space between two other poles. But the other guys don’t mind at all. they told me it was ok to put my pole there. so i did. and later on my friend show up and we both share the same space between the two poles. we did all right.


The location was Baker Beach in San Francisco and my mouth in hungry for some crab whenever I see these pictures!

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