Croakers in Oceanside

A nice spotfin croaker taken by “Charley” in 2016

The croaker family—yellowfin croaker, spotfin croaker, white croaker, black croaker, corbinia, queenfish (aka herring), white seabass and shortfin corvina are among the most important fish for SoCal pier anglers. The small queenfish and white croaker annually rank among the largest number of fish caught from piers while yellowfin and spotfin croaker yield both high numbers and eating size fish. Corbina are the favorite of many surf and pier anglers while shortfin corvina,, a fish more common to southern waters in Baja, have become a fairly regular fish for pier and shore anglers from San Diego Bay north to Oceanside. White seabass, the big brute of the family, are less common on piers but rank as one of the favorite sportfish for boaters  from southern California to Monterey Bay.

A nice 15-inch corbina taken by “Ambrosia” in 2015

One of the best producing piers for the favored yellowfin and spotfin croaker is the Oceanside Pier. Although the summer months, usually July through August will yield the highest number of yellowfin and spotfin, the larger spotfin really seem to be available throughout the year even if in lesser numbers.

A shortfin corvina taken by “Lewis” in 2015

Herein are some of the croaker taken from the pier in the past few years.

A spotfin taken during the “UPSAC Youth Fishing Derby” in 2012

Another spotfin, this one taken during the “UPSAC Youth Fishing Derby” in 2010

A mess of yellowfins and spotfins at the UPSAC Youth Fishing Derby in 2011

A large corbina caught in 2015

 A large spotfin croaker taken by “Humberto” in 2015

Yellowfin and spotfin croaker taken during the “UPSAC Youth Fishing Derby” in 2010

Yellowfin croaker taken during the “UPSAC Youth Fishing Derby” in 2010

Shortfin Corvina taken at the pier in 2015

37-inch, 5-Pound spotfin croaker caught by Lee in 2015

Two nice shortfin corvina caught by “Mark” in 2016

Several nice croaker taken in 2013

A good-sized spotfin taken by “Richard” in 2015

A small spotfin taken during the 2012 “UPSAC Youth Fishing Derby”

Many thanks to Ed Gonsalves and the Oceanside Pier Bait Shop for the use of their photos (all pictures excepting the UPSAC Youth Fishing Derby pictures).

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