November 2017 archives

Rest In Peace My Friend — Mike Granat

Presenting Mike with the first place trophy at the James Liu Memorial Derby at the Cabrillo Mole in Avalon, Catalina Island, 2013 In July 2009 I received an order for my book Pier Fishing In California and when looking at the order I noticed it was from Clovis, California, just a few miles from my [...]

The Spit ‘n’ Argue Club at the pier —

Spit ‘n’ Argue Good arguments can provide the healthiest form of entertainment; they stimulate adrenal glands, arouse governments and nurture change. The Spit ‘n’ Argue Club, later the University by the Sea, has done that through most of Long Beach’s history.  The professor’s white beard fluttered in the sea breeze. Alone, he faced the empty [...]