2006 PFIC/UPSAC Catalina Get Together (2)

Cabrillo Mole — Pictures continued from 5th Annual PFIC/UPSAC Catalina Get Together — 2006 (1)

SteveO and a bonito

Jimbojack with an opaleye

Here’s looking at you!

The Mole and UPSAC Banner

Omar, his son and a sheephead

Baitfish helping Orkspace land a fish

Ark and a bonito

Rita waiting for a bite

Another sheephead

The railing was crowded at times

How about some food?

As always, some delicious treats!

Next up was the raffle followed by the announcement of derby winners

Roosterqueen (Rebecca), Baitfish (Adam) and Warren Liu with mother Dora and sister Amanda in the background.

Rockin’ Robin and Minnow Magnet checking out the prizes

Adam calling out a raffle number

And the winner is…

Derby Results

Joramaca was the 1st Place Winner

Orkspace was the 2nd Place Winner

Minnow Magnet was the Jr. Division Winner

Last but not least — the Group Photo

The “Pier Rats” at the 2006 Catalina Get Together

But wait, many were not satisfied just to fish the Green Pleasure Pier or the Cabrillo Mole, many decided to also do a little surf fishing at — Pebbly Beach.

Rita and Kyle Pease with ocean whitefish

Mahigeer (Hashem) after an encounter with a whitefish. Be careful out there! 

After the fish were caught, they were cleaned, and then we went up the beach to the Buffalo Nickle Restaurant which agreed to cook our fresh fish and combine them with their food  to make our  dinners. Good food and decent prices (since we supplied the fish). Only problem, no one knew if he or she was getting the fish they had caught. Bummer!

But the conclusion to a fun filled day, one where people were able to match up faces with the names they had seen on the PFIC Message Board. New friends were made, the fishing was top notch, GDude and family provided their usual excellent food, and everyone seemed to walk away pleased with the event. On to 2007! 

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