2009 PFIC/UPSAC Mud Marlin Derby #1, Berkeley Pier

The 2009 Mud Marlin Derby was scheduled and held on April 4, 2009. However, no mud marlin (bat rays) were caught and the “pier rats” called for a second derby. In response, a second derby was held on August 1 of that year — with better results.

Date: April 5, 2009 —To: PFIC Message Board — From: Posted by gyozadude — Subject: Mud Marlin Derby

MMGT 2009, as you have heard now, was a bust for the rays.  But food was awesome.  Brian (IllCatchAnything) made homemade chili (excellent!) and fried halibut. How do folks get any fresher?  I think Robert caught it just earlier, before the start, and before sundown, it was sliced into fillets and breaded.  Then fried on the pier.  Wow!

I made cheese steak sandwiches, hotlinks, and vegetable beef soup.  I sure left a LOT lighter than when I came in.  That went fast too, as did a 30 pack of Danishes.

I left trophies with Red, and the plan is to wait a little, then have part 2 of the MMGT and this time get some rays.

The raffle went well for the limited folks that came in. Roster puts us at 50 official participants plus four unregistered that showed up last minute because they heard about it, however, I did not allow them to enter into the contest for the trophies. Total take was for $245, deposited today at WaMu/Chase. Top raffle prize went to kid who arrived at the MMGT with Dad and felt under powered on his rod.  Not anymore. He’s got a 10ft heaver with magged Jigmaster now that can actually power cast 6+ oz.

Robert, that hali was simply delicious!  Gotta give Brian kudos too.  Who was the new board guy that served as judge at the end?  He’s a former rocket sci kinda dude too.  Way cool.  Anyways, the best thing is we’re gonna do this again :-) .

A bit windy in the late afternoon and early evening. Some old and new faces of participants.

Brian “the chef” (IllCookAnything2) — “catch” that is. What a fantastic job on the chili and the halibut. Full service! He and his son were there at the event.

Dan fought valiantly, but the gangster ray eluded him by swimming under the pier and cutting the line around the abrasive pilings. Others on the starboard side of the pier could have been more helpful by bringing in their rigs sooner. But alas, that’s all part of the contest!

Posted by melAnd the winner is…. (drum roll)………No one! No kidding! Bat-Ray-Dave wrote: No runs, hits, or errors?? Are you saying the Rays pitched a shutout? If so, demand a rematch and make it a 1st or 2nd Saturday of the month later this year and I will show up and make the long trek up there.

No, we had a few hits and runs…. Just no landings. Red Fish caught a halibut (again), and graciously donated it for the fish fry. Everyone did have a great time though, with lots of food to go around. Thanks to Gdude for the awesome cheesesteak sandwiches and everything else. Thanks to all who made the long trek out there and stuck it out. We talked last night about have part two, so we will take you up on your offer Dave…

Posted by red fish — Yeah… I had a good time too. As I mentioned to some, ‘you would have thought it was a sturgeon derby’ with the intense concentration of the anglers and scarcity of bites. Seems like enough are interested in a rematch so we will have to book a future date. It would be great if Dave could travel down for the battle. Thanks to all that participated and those that volunteered their time as judges. The weather was favorable, the fish, uncooperative, the event, enjoyable. Special thanks to James Gyozadude and Brian Illcatchanything for their tremendous effort in coordinating the activities of this event and making this event comfortable for all. Thanks for all of your donations of time and goods to make the event a success for all. Nice documentation Phil of the only bat ray fight of the evening for the derby, as, I wasn’t able to witness it from the section of the pier I was located closer to the last cleaning sink. It paints a picture for those who have never fished or been to Berkeley Pier (I’m surprised you didn’t slip in the requisite shot of the Golden Gate Bridge from the pier perspective).

Illcatchanything (Brian) cooking

Posted by itsakeeper — Awesome video northern boy. Even with the lack of show of Mr. Bat Ray, I still had a wonderful time hanging out with the PFIC crew. Thanks once again to James, Bryan, and others for setting this up for the rest of us to enjoy. Thanks also to red fish for donating his freshly caught halibut and leopard shark. That was a nice treat. The chili, Philly steak and soup was so good. It was nice meeting new folks and being around with old and new friends. I hope that there will be another great get together soon.

GDude in front, Brian in the back

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