2010 PFIC/UPSAC Mud Marlin Derby, Berkeley Pier

2010 Mud Marlin Logo — 1st among voters

Date: May 16, 2010 — To: PFIC Message Board — From: Illcatchanything — Subject: Mud Marlin Derby 2010

We had a great time at the 9th Annual MMD, with food, friends, fun & FISH!! The derby started out a little slow, then around 8:30pm, the bite turned on with rays landed at 8:30, 8:40, 8:42 & 8:50. Things slowed down a bit after that, but picked up again around 10:00 with rays landed at 10:05, 10:18, & 10:35. Going into the final hour we thought that the bite had died, but a flurry of action finished the night off with rays landed at 11:50, 11:52, and 11:58. So we had 10 rays landed for the derby participants, along with some other fish including a legal leopard shark that was donated for the frying pan and a baby 7-gill. Not a bad night of fishing!n We had a good turn out for a cold and windy night with 63 people signing the register

2010 Logo not used 

Our winners were: 1st Place: Redfish with a 49 1/2″ fish2nd Place: Tyrell Davis (guest of Fish Addict 707) with a 46″ fish3rd Place: Richard (sorry I couldn’t read your last name), a guest of West Coast Dave with a 40” fish.

It was a blast seeing some old friends and meeting new ones. Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the cold and wind. PS- I forgot to bring my camera, so I will be relying on Sofa King, Redfish and anyone else who took pics to post them up…..

Posted by Bat Ray DaveThat’s great! Does Red have the all time tournament record now?

Posted by pierhead — I guess I’m being a bit of a smart a** but you forgot your camera again? Two events in a row? Nonetheless, thanks for the report. Sorry Mary and I couldn’t be there but we’re just a bit too old for an all nighter. Congrats to the winners and everyone that participated. It’s great that you and others like you are willing to donate their time and effort to putting on these events.

2010 Logo not used

Posted by sofa kingHad a blast last night. Everybody I came with and that met me out there want to do it again. Congrats to the winners. It was great seeing my fellow fisherman friends again and meeting new ones. I think we should do this more often. I did bring a camera and I have q bunch of pics I took but my comp is choking on ‘em. “Old comp”. Anybody want to resize them for me and post them? Send me a pm with your e-mail and I’ll send them to you in the am. Thanks. [Pictures were posted but inaccessible]

Posted by t177 — Thanks Brian for putting together another awesome event. Although it was so cold that my nose kept on running, the food kept me going for the night. The chili and fried striper/leo were so good. The hot cup of coffee hit the spot when the wind was blowing. I had fun although I got skunked and I didn’t win anything from the ruffle. Actually, I was so busy helping Robert land his ray that I didn’t even know the ruffle was going on!

Posted by mandre800 — Here are pics of the ray I landed and the 54″ Leopard Shark I donated to the frying pan.

Mud Marlin = Bat Ray

Leopard Shark


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