2013 PFIC/UPSAC Mud Marlin Derby, Berkeley Pier

2013 Mud Marlin Derby Logo — 1st place among voters

Date: May 21, 2013 — To: PFIC Message Board — From: Illcatchanything2 — Subject: Mud Marlin Derby Report

We had great weather and a good turnout for our 12th annual MMD. We had 62 registered participants. A total of 12 Rays hit the deck during the derby.  Three rays were landed in the first hour, including the eventual winner that weighed in at 88#’s. The others were landed sporadically with another flurry of action coming in the last hour and a half. The 2nd place winner was landed during this time period, weighing in at 64#’s.

The winners for the derby were: 1st place: Wong Xiong- 88#, 47″ wingspan  — 2nd place: Damon Knudson- 64#, 43″ wingspan (very pregnant —3rd place: Steven Koh- 37#, 31″ wingspan

As usual there was plenty of food that was brought to share. A big thank you to all who brought dishes for the potluck. I want to give a big thank you to all who came out and participated. Without your support, the MMD would not be going strong after 12 years

Posted by Salty Nick v2 — Sounds like a nice derby – finally, the rays made a good showing. Salty

The logo not used — 2nd place among voters

 OH NO! — When you try to do something good…

Posted by Sofa King on May 20, 2013We Have a Problem:  Saturday when I went to Castro Valley Sportsman’s Center to pick up the raffle prizes they had so kindly donated to the Mud Marlin Derby so Pier Fishing In California could raise a bit of monies to help with our groups expenses, “Somebody” had “Volunteered“ to bring the prizes to the derby for me.

The owner of the Castro Valley Sportsmen’s Center gave this “Somebody” the prizes not knowing them or realizing that I was the only one supposed to pick them up. This “Somebody” was gearing up for the derby and said that they were going to the P.F.I.C. M.M.D., that that they had room in their car and could drop off the prizes for us.

When I arrived, the owner of Castro Valley Sportsmen’s Center was a bit surprised because she had given the prizes to this “Somebody” and was not expecting me. After explaining that I was the only one of our group that was authorized to pick up the prizes she was shocked that she may have made a mistake.

Since we were unsure of this “Somebody’s” intent, Castro Valley Sportsmen’s Center gave me an extra “set” of donation items. Just in case if “Somebody” ran into issues and was unable to actually make the derby.

Needless to say, “SOMEBODY” DID NOT SHOW UP AND DELIVER the prizes as promised. While we understand that things in life can happen, these prizes really should be returned. No questions asked or explanations necessary. Just drop the prizes back off at the Castro Valley Sportsmen’s Center, or send me or Illcatchanything2 a pm and we can arrange a pickup. Let’s not let this taint our relationship with Castro Valley Sportsmen’s Center.

Side note, Please show your support of our resources and stop into Castro Valley Sportsmen’s Center when you need to gear up. They will beat anybody else’s price, including EBay. It’s a great shop and if they don’t already have it they can order it for you. Don’t forget to mention your handle on PFIC.  

Posted by bigunindaboat — File a sheriffs report, was it enough to be grand theft? I hope this was a mistake, but if not stealing from a group like PFIC is a really crappy thing to do.

Posted by McCMSchultz — Oh NO! F*#$ING UNBELIEVABLE! Who wudda thunk? I hope the merchandise is returned. Picture I.D. next time, Hans. (But doesn’t necessarily mean that it was a member either…… Has it really come to this?????

Posted by fish4s2na — Unfortunately, I can believe this happening in this day and age. Hopefully, this was simply a misunderstanding and not someone out to pull a fast one. Pretty scuzzy and low life if it was!

Posted by KAHUNA — If you know who it is, file a police report ASAP. This is unacceptable for a grown man to act this way. It’s dishonorable and cowardly.

Posted by Ken Jones — How did “somebody” know they were donating prizes to us to be picked up? I’m not surprised there are people out there who would do such a thing but it sounds like it would have to be someone familiar with the situation. No description of the person?

Posted by Red Fish — Post from SK from March 29, 2013 — Castro Valley Sportsmen’s Center has graciously offered some donations for our upcoming Mud Marlin Derby and Kids Derbies. In return they also offer discounts to PFIC members who mention their PFIC handle. Not including licenses etc. Suppose your local small business and they will help support you. Please bring them your business for all your fishing needs.

Posted by Sofa KingThe owner of Castro Valley Sportsmen’s Center believes she mentioned that I was on my way to pick up the raffle items to a customer she was helping. This person had hooks weights and squid and said they were on the way to Berkeley pier for the derby. And the next person, “Somebody”, also had similar gear for purchase and mentioned they too were headed to the derby and would be happy to bring the items for us.  She believes this person must have overheard her and saw an opportunity.

Posted by Redkorn — Was there CC camera footage? May help with ID.

Posted by thefrood — I just can’t understand people like that. Something wrong inside their heads… simply unacceptable behavior. I think Redkorn has a good idea with the CC footage… if we can get it posted around and also alert other tackle shops (are there many left around here?) about this person then they will be forewarned.

Posted by dkkim — What’s up with the “Somebody” comments. Are you giving them a chance to fess up because you know them? Just report it or ask the store to report it. If you do know who it is, then let us know so we don’t associate with the loser.

Posted by Illcatchanything2 — The term “somebody” was put in because we DO NOT know who it was and the only description that the owner was able to give was so vague that it could apply to 90% of fishermen. As for future donations from Castro Valley Sportsmen’s Center, it has been made clear that SK is the only one that will pick things up (unless he introduces another person). We also know what was being donated so we are keeping an eye on Craigslist.

Sadly, this kind of thing happens, and there are people out there who will take advantage of any situation… As was mentioned, lets give Castro Valley Sportsmen’s Center some business and send your buddies there as well. They went above and beyond by replacing the items that were taken.

Again if this is a mistake and someone here did pick the items up with the intention of coming to the MMD and dropping them off but was not able to make it for whatever reason, then PM SofaKing or Myself and we will arrange to pick them up and return them. ICA2

[We are currently trying to find any pictures people may have of this event.]












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