2018 Trinidad Pier Youth Fishing Derby

Sunday, September 9, saw youth assemble at the Trinidad Pier (in the beautiful redwoods just 24 miles north of Eureka) to participate in the 5th Annual Trinidad Pier Youth Fishing Derby sponsored by United Pier and Shore Anglers of California (UPSAC), the Cher-Ae Heights Indian Community of the Trinidad Rancheria, the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), Humboldt Area Saltwater Anglers, Pacific Outfitters, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Although the day would turn a little windy and cold as it progressed, both the 36 youth and the total crowd estimated at close to a hundred people agreed it was a fun day at the pier.

Some of the loaner rods

Free loaner rods and reels, free terminal tackle, free bait, free hot dog lunches, raffle prizes, and a winner in each age group helped generate excitement. Of course catching some fish also helps and the fishing was improved from the previous years with quite a few perch caught along with brown rockfish, kelp greenling and two lingcod.

Volunteer John “Grondo” Grondalski

The loaner rods are rigged and ready to go

David Shigamatsu with an undersized lingcod

Crab caught by David Shigamatsu

Ed Roberts IV and Seth Noel

Rex Bertrand and a brown rockfish

Kelp greenling caught by Emma Sobrehad

Warden Agoitia, Patricia Figueroa, Grondo Grondalski and Warden Hampton

David Shigamatsu and his dad with a legal-size lingcod caught on a shinerperch

Due to the wind that was picking up, and the chill that was creeping in, the derby was called a little early which meant time for some hot dogs and the raffle prizes.

Hot dogs, chips and drinks were available for all participants. The chef was CDFW volunteer Patricia Figueroa

Next up was the raffle. Prizes were provided by the Humboldt Area Saltwater Anglers and Pacific Outfitters.

Dan Troxel (who made and donated fishing rods) on the left and Warden Norris with the tackle box

The age group winners were then announced.

The under-6-year-old winner was Karter Quinn of Trinidad

The 6-year-old winner was Rex Bertrand of Arcata

The 7-year-old winner was Leona Sobrehad of McKinleyville

The 8-year-old winner was Robert Pitts of Eureka

The 9-year-old winner was Jordan Taylor of Fortuna

The 10-year-old winner was Dillon Dirrocco of McKinleyville

The 11-year-old winner was Alise Walker of McKinleyville

The 12-year–old winner was David Shigamatsu of Davis

The 13-year-old winner was Jonathan Pitcher of Arcata

The Grand Champion was David Shigamatsu of Davis

Many thanks to the entire group that once again made this  a fun event for all the participants and their parents!

Back row: Katie Terhaar (CDFW), Ed Roberts IV (CDFW) Dan Troxel (CDFW Volunteer), Patricia Figueroa (CDFW Volunteer), “Grondo” Grondalski (CDFW Volunteer), Grant Roden (Trinidad Rancheria)

Front row: Ed Roberts III (CDFW) and Todd Rowan (Trinidad Rancheria)

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