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Goleta Pier — 2010 Youth Angler Tournament

The first of what was hoped to be an annual UPSAC-IGFA Goleta Pier Youth Angler Tournament was held on October 16th, 2010 at the beautiful Goleta Beach County Park and Pier in Santa Barbara County, surroundings that are both first class and family-friendly. You’ve got to get up early to have time to set up [...]

Barred Surfperch

 Barred Surfperch from the San Simeon Pier Species: Amphistichus argenteus (Agassiz, 1854); from the Greek word amphistichus (a double series, concerning the two rows of teeth in each jaw), and the Latin word argenteus (silvery). Family Embiotocidae, subfamily Amphistichinae. Alternate Names: Silver perch, barreds, sand perch, surfperch, and silver surf fish. In Mexico called mojarra [...]

Shovelnose Guitarfish

Mahigeer (Hashem Nahid) and a shovelnose guitarfish at the Hermosa Beach Pier Order Rhinobatiformes — Guitarfish—Family Rhinobatidae  Species:  Rhinobatos productus (Ayres, 1854); from the Latin word rhin (shark with a rough skin) and the Greek word batis (a ray or skate), and the Latin word product  (a lengthened form, in reference to its long shape [...]

James Liu, 1966-2014 — RIP

  James at the Cabrillo Mole on Catalina at the 2013 PFIC-UPSAC Get Together   James Liu (GDude), a good friend, a fishing companion, and truly one of the finest men I have known, has died and I must admit that I am heartbroken by his passing. I just wish I could somehow prevent the pain [...]

Endangered species — The disappearance of youth from the wilderness

A good article even if a few years old. By GT Jones, Ventura County Reporter, 05/29/2008 Tom and son, Venice Pier Over the past 20 years our children have become increasingly alienated from the natural world. They have abandoned our open spaces and wilderness where unstructured imaginative play has existed for as  long as the [...]