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Longfin Sanddab

    Order Pleuronectiformes — Lefteye Flounders—Family Bothidae Species: Citharichthys xanthostigma (Gilbert, 1890); from the Greek word citharichthys (a fish that lies on its ribs or side) and xanthostigma  (yellow colored with a pointed bone—referring to the long fins). Alternate Names: Sanddab, soft flounder, Catalina sanddab. Called lenguado alón in Mexico. Identification: Sanddabs are in [...]

Kelpfishes — Family Clinidae

California is blessed with a number of attractive little kelpfishes that unfortunately are rarely seen by an angler unless he or she is using small hooks in search of perch. Herein, are several of the smaller species. The Giant Kelpfish, Heterostichus rostratus, is given a different article). Striped Kelpfish Striped Kelpfish from the Malibu Pier Species: [...]

Redondo Sportfishing Pier —

Redondo Sportfishing Pier This is a small (250-foot-long) pier that sits inside of Redondo’s King Harbor. It was built in 1969 and is used by Redondo Sportfishing and its fleet of boats. Often crowded, especially during the summer months, this private pier yields a lot of fish. As a matter of fact, more fish are [...]

California Yellowtail —

Yellowtail caught at the Crystal Pier in San Diego by Angel Hernandez in September 2015 35-Pound yellowtail taken from the Balboa Pier by “Aaron”on November 1, 2003 Species: Seriola dorsalis (Valenciennes, 1833); from the Italian word seriola (for amberjack) and dorsalis (the long dorsal fin). Some sources now use Seriola lalandi. Alternate Names: Yellowtail, amberjack, [...]