October 2011 archives

Trinidad Pier —

  This past week I heard that the Trinidad Pier is closed for reconstruction. I knew it was coming but it’s still a shock to think that the old pier will be gone. But at least I have my memories — Did you hear the one about Rosie and The Creature From The Black Lagoon? [...]

Oceanside Businessman Pulled from Pier —

Angler Fails To Land Fish — Large Catch Wins in Fight For Freedom — Rescuers Save Fisherman from Drowning Oceanside Pier — 1935 Oceanside, July 17—When a big fish, hooked off the end of the Oceanside pier about 6:30 o’clock last evening, decided he did not like fishermen and did not want to leave his [...]

Great Whites & Makos —

 Stories like the following seem to crop up every few years, especially at piers in Santa Monica Bay such as Hermosa Beach Pier and the Manhattan Beach Pier. Great whites are illegal, makos are legal, and too many fisherman don’t make the effort to learn the differences. Great white shark isn’t a great catch By [...]

Commendation —Boyd Grant and UPSAC

http://kenjonesfishing.com/support-boyd-grant It was a great day in Santa Barbara when the Board of Supervisors recognized Boyd Grant and UPSAC for the work done at the Goleta Pier. It’s hard to believe that less than a year later some in the SB Parks Dept. want him out (see above). Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors S.B. [...]