May 2015 archives

The Good Old Days On The Piers — # 2

Ocean Park Pier — 1911 Ken Jones — Fish Taco Chronicles —Summer 2015 As chronicled in the previous article there has been change to California’s piers and the fish from those piers during the past century. That article displayed the great changes that have taken place in the number and size of the larger species—yellowtail, [...]

The Good Old Days On The Piers — # 1

 McFadden Wharf — 1895 (site of today’s Newport Pier) Ken Jones — Fish Taco Chronicles —Spring 2015 Maybe one day there really will be a time travel machine. It may be a “pie in the sky” hope but it’s an increasingly common thought I’ve had while researching the history of California’s piers. The piers have [...]

2015 Mud Marlin Derby, Berkeley Pier

 The Berkeley Pier is a long, long pier  The 2015 Mud Marlin Derby was held on May 16 at the Berkeley Pier and like many of the derbies, it was a night filled with contrast. The pier filled with anglers There was ample good cheer, especially the opportunity to spend some time with friends. But [...]

Bat Ray Weight and Length?

A bat ray from Newport Harbor Can we measure the width of a bat ray and come up with a reliable weight? That was the question posed a few years ago, a question followed by a thread on Pier Fishing In California that tried to answer the question. I’m not too sure how accurate the [...]

Manhattan Beach, Sharks, Swimmers — Redux

Given the Santa Monica Bay Pier Summit that was held on May 7 in Los Angeles, it may be time to look back at the article I wrote last fall for the Fish Taco Chronicles magazine. Manhattan Beach, Sharks, Swimmers — and More  Ken Jones — Fish Taco Chronicles — Fall 2014 Photo courtesy of [...]