March 2013 archives

Daniel and a prize-winning California scorpionfish —

Daniel and Ed Roberts One of my favorite people at the California Fish and Wildlife Department is Ed Roberts. When I first met up with him he was in the Long Beach area and I think that it may have been the time I donated a cusk-eel and yellow snake eel to the department for [...]

Endangered species — The disappearance of youth from the wilderness

A good article even if a few years old. By GT Jones, Ventura County Reporter, 05/29/2008 Tom and son, Venice Pier Over the past 20 years our children have become increasingly alienated from the natural world. They have abandoned our open spaces and wilderness where unstructured imaginative play has existed for as  long as the [...]

UFO — Goleta Pier

From the pages of Pier Fishing in Califonia ( — Picture by Pierhead — Goleta Pier Date: October 8, 2005, To: PFIC Message Board, From: Seabass_Seeker, Subject: UFO FIRST HAND SIGHTING GOLETA PIER First post — please forgive any spelling and grammatical errors. Keep in mind content has been edited for younger readers. And one [...]

Kelpfishes — Family Clinidae

California is blessed with a number of attractive little kelpfishes that unfortunately are rarely seen by an angler unless he or she is using small hooks in search of perch. Herein, are several of the smaller species. The Giant Kelpfish, Heterostichus rostratus, is given a different article). Striped Kelpfish Striped Kelpfish from the Malibu Pier Species: [...]

Pier Fishing — There’s Magic in the Air

 Port Hueneme Pier — 2008 There’s something magic about being out over the ocean on an old wooden pier. It might be the fish, it might be the salty tang of the sea air or the feel of the ocean’s majesty as it pounds against the pilings, it might simply be the feeling that you’re [...]