January 2012 archives

Man Falls Off Newport Pier —

The place where I learned to fish was the Newport Pier in the early ’60s. There were no railings but instead six-inch planks lined the edge of the pier. I was always  a little surprised that people didn’t fall off the pier. The following story proves that it could and did happen. Fishing Around by [...]

The Belmont Pier Marlin Club —

The entrance to the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier—Long Beach This nearly 50-year-old story ranks among my favorite pier fishing stories of all time. Eye Opener—Belmont Pier Marlin Club Thursday wasn’t exactly a good day to have lunch with the Belmont Pier Marlin Club, but it was the best offer I had. I mean I don’t [...]

Gaviota Pier through the years —

Family fun at Gaviota — 1800s In 1874 a 1,000-foot-long wharf was built on this site for Colonel William Hollister and the Dibblee brothers (who had also loaned money and influence for the construction of Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara). Their pier reached water that was 25 feet deep at the end of the wharf [...]

Sycamore Cove Pier — Gone But Not Forgotten

This picture is from an old California Fish and Game publication, circa 1952/53. Sycamore Cove Beach (9000 Pacific Coast Highway) is located three miles east of Point Mugu and four miles up the coast northwest from the south corner of Ventura County. It sits at the mouth of the Big Sycamore Canyon and today is [...]

General Rod and Reel Maintenance —

Rods and reels line the rail at the Hermosa Beach Pier If you want to become a serious and successful angler you should learn how to properly use and take care of your tackle. One of the best ways is to find a knowledgeable tackle store, especially one that repairs rods and reels, and then [...]