September 2016 archives

California Spiny Lobster

Subphylum Crustacea (Crustaceans) Order Decapoda Spiny Lobster—Family Palinuridae A Spiny Lobster up close and personal Species: Panulirus interruptus (Randall, 1840); interruptus refers to the grooves on the abdomen which are interrupted in this species. A lobster from the Shelter Island Pier in San Diego Bay in 2009 Alternate Name: Bugs, crayfish, marine crayfish, rock lobster [...]

The Giant Black Sea Bass

 THE GIANT BLACK SEA BASS J. Charles Davis, 2nd, California Salt Water Fishing, A.S. Barnes and Company, New York, 1949   Picture and text from the author’s 1933 book — Giant Black Sea Bass Perhaps one of the most underrated big game fish to be found in Pacific waters is the fish commonly, and quite incorrectly, [...]

A visit to Citizens Dock in Crescent City — and some fish

Citizens Dock in Crescent City Last week while visiting the north coast I made a short, three-hour, afternoon visit to Citizens Dock in Crescent City. As always, there was a nice variety of fish to be had by the inshore rocks and it’s a good thing because they have now restricted fishing from most of [...]

A visit to the Eureka Boardwalk

Last weekend saw a visit to the north coast for the Trinidad Youth Fishing Tournament. I drove up a couple of days early so that I could fish in Eureka, Crescent City and possibly Brookings. I did fish all those towns but not necessarily where I originally planned to fish. In Eureka I found the [...]

A visit to the Brookings Harbor Pier in Oregon

The pier in Brookings Harbor is a public pier but unlike California where public piers do not require a license, you do need one in Oregon. The one day license I bought was $19. In September of 2014 I attended an Outdoor Writers Association of California (OWAC) conference in Smith River. As always, I enjoyed [...]