April 2015 archives

Mud Marlin Derby Logo’s

In 2015 we will be celebrating the 14th annual Mud Marlin Derby at the Berkeley Pier (6 p.m.-12 midnight). One of the things I always enjoy is seeing the various logos that are proposed by “Pier Fishing In California” members. Here’s a sampling — The 2002 Logo A 2004 entry by Lucy Phillips Proposals for [...]

Oceanside Pier Bait Shop

Ed Gonsalves and the Oceanside Pier Bait Shop After fishing California’s coastal waters for more than fifty years, one of the things I have learned to appreciate are good bait and tackle shops. Although at one time nearly every pier had a bait shop, and most of those had live bait, today the number of [...]

Point Arena Pier

Air view of the Point Arena Cove and Pier (photo Courtesy of Wharf Masters Inn) On March 26, 1987, Point Arena had a celebration. On that date, a new pier was dedicated at the picturesque cove, located just down the road from the center of town. While state, county and city officials gave their usual [...]

Anderson Valley High School Marine Biology Class

Part of the class Last century, mid-80s to be exact I, was living in the beautiful Mendocino County hamlet of Boonville. The town was small, the high school was small, and in such places it’s very easy to get involved in a mix of activities. Thus I found myself helping out at the school, coaching [...]

California Halibut

  Halibut from the Ventura Pier Order Pleuronectiformes — Lefteye Flounders — Family Bothidae Species: Paralichthys californicus (Ayres, 1859); from the Greek word paralichthys (parallel fish) and californicus (Californian)—a California fish that lies parallel to the bottom. Alternate Names: Halibut, flounder, hali, flattie (or flatty), chicken halibut, alabato, southern halibut, Monterey halibut, bastard halibut; fly [...]