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Giant Sea Bass aka Black Sea Bass

   Wreckfishes—Family Polyprionidae Illustrations 1-3 from Pacific Coast Fishes, Peterson Field Guides, Eschmeyer/Herald/Hammann Species: Stereolepis giga (Ayres, 1859); from the Greek words sterolepsis (firm scales) and gigas (giant). Alternate Names: Commonly called black sea bass in our fair state although I like the more impressive names given by the French—bar gigantesque and barréan géant. At [...]

Winston Churchill & A Catalina Marlin

We went to see the movie Darkest Hour the other day, a movie about Winston Churchill and the obstacles he faced (including Dunkirk) during his first days as Prime Minister of England. It reminded me of an article I had read about Churchill catching a marlin at Catalina. Churchill Lands Big ‘Un On Brief Catalina [...]

Marin Rod & Gun Club Pier aka Camiccia Family Memorial Pier

There was a time, and it seems more and more like an ancient time, when hunting and fishing was practiced by a majority of the population.  Every family seemed to have a fishing rod sitting in the closet or garage and rural families probably had a rifle somewhere in the house (or behind the seat [...]

Eureka Boardwalk

Sunrise at the Eureka Boardwalk Although not designed for fishing, and not designated as a public pier, the “Boardwalk” in downtown Eureka’s waterfront has become my favorite spot to practice the piscatorial arts. I say this with a word of caution because if anyone wishes to fish from the boardwalk they should be very, very [...]

“B” Street Pier aka Michael J. Scavuzzo Public Fishing Pier — Crescent City

Sunrise can be a beautiful time at the pier! Looks, whether for women, men, or piers, can be deceiving. When first built, the expectations for this pier were high. It was similar to the expectations about the Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego which was seen as sort of a second coming if you listened [...]