March 2012 archives

Yellowfin Croaker

Yellowfin croaker, Crystal Pier in San Diego  Species: Umbrina roncador (Jordan & Gilbert, 1882); from the Greek word umbra  (shade, referring to its darkened, shady sides) and the Spanish word roncador  (a snorer, or to snore). It is, afterall, a croaker. Alternate Names: Surf fish, golden croaker, Catalina croaker, yellowtailed croaker and yellowfinned roncador. In [...]

California Halibut — One of California’s favorite fish

Berkeley Pier halibut Species: Paralichthys californicus (Ayres, 1859); from the Greek word paralichthys (parallel fish) and californicus (Californian)—a California fish that lies parallel to the bottom. Alternate Names: Halibut, flounder, hali, flattie (or flatty), chicken halibut, alabato, southern halibut, Monterey halibut, bastard halibut; fly swatter or postage stamp (small halibut); door mats (large halibut); extra [...]

The Goleta Pier Angler Center — Closed

It sits empty now, forlorn and ignored, and though the sign still proclaims “Goleta Pier Angler Center,” it’s a lie, for the hopes and dreams, dedication and selfless hours at the pier are finished: the center is at an end. The rods and reels are removed. The educational materials are packed and destined for more [...]

Woman falls off pier — texting

I’ve heard of people falling off of piers but most times it was due to careless behavior (often in pursuit of a fish) and/or in conjunction with drinking. I had never heard of anyone falling off a pier due to texting. But, it happened so, as they say, be careful out there. Texting while walking [...]

The Ocean Park Pier & Fishing — “The Way It Used To Be”

Ocean Park Pier — 1911 Reading the old reports of the fish caught from California’s piers can be both amazing and disheartening. Amazing because of the numbers of fish once encountered on a fairly regular basis. Disheartening because so few of those results are duplicated today. The reasons are multiple but the main reason is [...]