October 2016 archives

California Butterfly Ray

  Order Myliobatidiformes — Butterfly Rays—Family Gymnuridae Butterfly Ray Species: Gymnura marmorata (Cooper, 1864); from the Greek word gymnos (bare) and the Latin word marmoratus (marbled). Alternate Names: Stingray, butterfly stingray, eagle ray, diamond ray or butterfly ray. In Mexico it’s called raya mariposa de California. In Denmark it’s apparently called Californisk sommerfuglerokke; not sure [...]

Round Stingray

Order Myliobatidiformes — Round Stingrays—Family Urolophidae   Round Stingray from the Ferry Landing Pier in Coronado, 2013 Species: Urobatis halleri (Cooper, 1863); Urobatis comes from two Greek words meaning tail and ray; halleri is from George Haller (1852-1889). Alternate Names: Stingray, stingaree or stinger. Called raya de espina, raya redonda común, or raya redonda de aguijón [...]


Sea Chubs—Family Kyphosidae Species: Hermosilla azure (Jenkins & Evermann, 1889); from Hermosillo (the name of the capitol city of Sonora Province in Mexico, near where first collected) and the Latin word azurea (sky-blue coloring). Alternate Names: Zebra perch, convict fish and sea chub. In Mexico called chopa azul or chopa bonita. Identification: An oval-shaped body [...]

Striped Mullet

Mullets—Family Mugilidae Striped mullet caught by jkim at Carlsbad Species: Mugil cephalus (Linnaeus, 1758); from mugal (meaning to suck, in reference to their feeding behavior) and cephalus (pertaining to their distinctive head Alternate Names: Mullet or grey mullet. Called lisa or lisa rayada in Mexico. Identification: Torpedo-shaped with 2 widely spaced dorsal fins. Head broad, [...]

White Croaker

Croakers—Family Sciaeidae White Croaker from the Avila Pier Species: Genyonemus lineatus (Ayres, 1855); from the Greek words genys (lower jaw) and nema (barbel) and the Latin word lineatus  (striped). Alternate Names: Tomcod (southern California), roncador (Ventura and Santa Barbara area), kingfish (central and northern California), sewer trout, tommy croaker, and brownie or brown bait. Also [...]