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Avila Pier — 2012 Kids Fishing Derby

Unlike 2011, and a day that saw rain and a damp wind limit the early turnout, Saturday July 7, 2012 at the Avila Pier saw a mild climate, no wind, and almost perfect weather for fishing. The result was a spirited group of kids that were excited to join the 2012 IGFA/UPSAC Kids Fishing Derby. [...]

Avila Pier — 2011 Kids Fishing Derby

Although the morning’s thunder, lightening, and rain undoubtedly scared away some participants, thirty six youngsters still showed up for the First Annual Avila Pier Kid’s Fishing Derby on September 10, 2011. Registration was handled by Tamra Spence and Cheryl Spence I’m going to catch one this big! Dora and Elaine Liu Warren Liu Move your [...]

Thornback Ray

Order Rhinobatiformes —  Thornbacks — Family Platyrhinidae Thornback rays taken at the Ventura Pier Species: Platyrhinoidis triseriata (Jordan & Gilbert, 1880); from the Greek words platys (flat and broad), rhin (shark with a rough skin), oid (like) and is (similar), and the Latin words tri (three) and seriat (rows, in reference to the three rows [...]

Pacific Angel Shark

An angel shark taken at the Cayucos Pier in 2007 Order Squatiniformes — Angel Sharks — Family Squatinidae Species: Squatina californica (Ayres, 1859); from the Latin squatina (an ancient name for a related Mediterranean species) and californica (describing where the fish was first caught). Alternate Names: Angel shark, monkfish, squat and squato. Called angelote or tiburón [...]

California Halibut

  Halibut from the Ventura Pier Order Pleuronectiformes — Lefteye Flounders — Family Bothidae Species: Paralichthys californicus (Ayres, 1859); from the Greek word paralichthys (parallel fish) and californicus (Californian)—a California fish that lies parallel to the bottom. Alternate Names: Halibut, flounder, hali, flattie (or flatty), chicken halibut, alabato, southern halibut, Monterey halibut, bastard halibut; fly [...]