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Berkeley Pier — 2012 Kids Fishing Derby

June 23, 2012 was the date and it was the first IGFA-UPSAC Kid’s Fishing Derby of the season. The day would see beautiful weather, a nice turnout of kids, and quite a few fish even if they were the of the super small category. In fact, one of the helpers suggested the event be called [...]

Berkeley Pier — 2011 Kid’s Fishing Derby

Saturday, August 6, 2011 saw an excited group of young anglers at the Berkeley Pier Kid’s Fishing Derby. Amidst a crowd of slightly over 50 people, the young anglers had the chance to fish using free loaner tackle, free bait, and free advice from a dedicated group of local “pier rats.” And though the fishing [...]

Bat Ray

Order Myliobatidiformes —  Eagle Rays — Family Myliobatididae — Bat Ray A bat ray from Fortman Marina in Alameda Species: Myliobatis californica (Gill, 1865); from the Greek words myl (a tooth or molar), io (an arrow or poison), batis (a skate or ray) and the Latin word Californica  (referring to location). Apparently called aetobatus californica [...]

Big Skate

Cartilaginous Fishes—Class Chondrichthyes — (A skeleton of cartilage that is not true bone) Subclass Elasmobranchi—Sharks and Rays Skates — Family Rajidae — Big Skate  A big Big Skate taken from the Paradise Park Pier in 2007 Species: Raja binoculta (Grard, 1855); from the Latin words raja (skate), bi  (two), and oculata  (eyed, referring to the [...]

2015 Mud Marlin Derby, Berkeley Pier

 The Berkeley Pier is a long, long pier  The 2015 Mud Marlin Derby was held on May 16 at the Berkeley Pier and like many of the derbies, it was a night filled with contrast. The pier filled with anglers There was ample good cheer, especially the opportunity to spend some time with friends. But [...]