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Giant Sea Bass aka Black Sea Bass

   Wreckfishes—Family Polyprionidae Illustrations 1-3 from Pacific Coast Fishes, Peterson Field Guides, Eschmeyer/Herald/Hammann Species: Stereolepis giga (Ayres, 1859); from the Greek words sterolepsis (firm scales) and gigas (giant). Alternate Names: Commonly called black sea bass in our fair state although I like the more impressive names given by the French—bar gigantesque and barréan géant. At [...]

The Giant Black Sea Bass

 THE GIANT BLACK SEA BASS J. Charles Davis, 2nd, California Salt Water Fishing, A.S. Barnes and Company, New York, 1949   Picture and text from the author’s 1933 book — Giant Black Sea Bass Perhaps one of the most underrated big game fish to be found in Pacific waters is the fish commonly, and quite incorrectly, [...]

Did you ever wish you were born in an earlier age?

Sometimes the pictures of fish caught back in the early years can leave you wishing you were around in those days. A few examples — Totuava — San Felipe, Mexico — 1925 Today totuava are endangered and illegal to keep Giant (Black) Sea Bass taken at Coronado in 1905 Today the number of Giant (Black) [...]


                                       A Black Sea Bass from Catalina By Charles Frederick Holder, 1891 It is said that when the purchase of the Northwest coast was contemplated by the United States Government, an old English raconteur and fly-fisherman remarked, “Oh, let the Yankees have it; the salmon won’t rise to a fly.” Southern California might go by [...]