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California Butterfly Ray

  Order Myliobatidiformes — Butterfly Rays—Family Gymnuridae Butterfly Ray Species: Gymnura marmorata (Cooper, 1864); from the Greek word gymnos (bare) and the Latin word marmoratus (marbled). Alternate Names: Stingray, butterfly stingray, eagle ray, diamond ray or butterfly ray. In Mexico it’s called raya mariposa de California. In Denmark it’s apparently called Californisk sommerfuglerokke; not sure [...]

Round Stingray

Order Myliobatidiformes — Round Stingrays—Family Urolophidae   Round Stingray from the Ferry Landing Pier in Coronado, 2013 Species: Urobatis halleri (Cooper, 1863); Urobatis comes from two Greek words meaning tail and ray; halleri is from George Haller (1852-1889). Alternate Names: Stingray, stingaree or stinger. Called raya de espina, raya redonda común, or raya redonda de aguijón [...]

California Needlefish

 Order Atheriniformes  Needlefishes—Family Belonidae Needlefish caught from the Hermosa Beach Pier by Frenchy in 2002 Species: Strongylura exilis (Girard, 1854); from strongylura (meaning round tail) and exilis (meaning slender). Alternate Names:  Garfish, pike needlefish, billfish. Called agujón bravo de California or agujón Californiano in Mexico. Identification:  Jaws form a long, pointed needle-like beak with many [...]

Coronado Ferry Landing Pier

Coronado Ferry Landing Pier I spotted this pier one day from the downtown side of San Diego Bay. I drove across the Coronado Bridge, was unable to find the pier and left it out of the first edition of Pier Fishing in California. Later, I found directions to the pier and could have kicked myself [...]

Shortfin Corvina

 Shortfin Corvina — Tony Troncale, Crystal Pier, San Diego Species: Cynoscion parvipinnis (Ayres, 1861); from the Greek words kyon (dog) and skion (from sciaena, an old name for a European croaker) and the Latin words parvi (small) and pinnis (fins).   Alternate Names: Bigtooth corvina, shortfin seabass, sea trout, weakfish, caravina and my personal favorite—vampire [...]