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Pacific Herring

 Order Clupeiformes — Herring—Family Clupeidae Photo courtesy of Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Species: Clupea harengus pallasi (Valenciennes, 1847); from the Latin word clupea (herring), the Low Latin word harengus, which probably comes from old High German, possibly associated with (das) herr, (army or multitude, in reference to the formation of large schools), and [...]

A Trip to California’s North Coast and its Piers, Oct. 2, 2015 (Day 2)

Early morning at the Trinidad Pier Although the main impetus for this trip, as well as most of the trips to the Humboldt-Del Norte coast, has been on fishing—i.e., fishing the piers or helping manage the Trinidad Youth Fishing Derby,  the number of sights along the trail inevitably call for stops to enjoy the nature [...]