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Marin Rod & Gun Club — 29th Annual “Kids Day On The Pier”

29th Annual “Kids Day on the Pier” A Success The Marin Rod and Gun Club, started in 1926, celebrated its 91st birthday this year and is one of California’s oldest and, in my opinion, best clubs in the state. August 19, 2017 saw the 29th Annual “Kid’s Day on the Pier” at the Marin Rod [...]

Diamond Turbot

Diamond Turbot from the Shelter Island Pier in San Diego Bay Order Pleuronectiformes — Righteye Flounders—Family Pleuronectidae Species: Hypsopsetta guttulata (Girard 1856); from the Greek word hypsopsetta  (deep flounder, referring to the oval shape) and the Latin word guttulata  (with small spots). Alternate Names: Turbot or diamond flounder. Called platija diamante in Mexico. Identification: Diamond [...]