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Variety, the spice of life —

Although there are some who only seek out the big fish, I’m at a point in life where the goal has changed somewhat. I still LOVE to catch the big fish, but I also am thrilled with a variety of species. This is true, in part, because I have fished on 123 ocean piers in [...]

UFO — Goleta Pier

From the pages of Pier Fishing in Califonia ( — Picture by Pierhead — Goleta Pier Date: October 8, 2005, To: PFIC Message Board, From: Seabass_Seeker, Subject: UFO FIRST HAND SIGHTING GOLETA PIER First post — please forgive any spelling and grammatical errors. Keep in mind content has been edited for younger readers. And one [...]

Pier Fishing in California — Concourse d’Pier Carts

Almost every pier rat that I know, or at least those who frequent the long piers in central and southern California, has a pier cart. It’s needed when you’re loaded down with rods and reels, tackle box, bait bucket, cooler, hoop net, magic potents, good luck charms, and your personal copy of Pier Fishing in [...]

The Goleta Pier Angler Center — Closed

It sits empty now, forlorn and ignored, and though the sign still proclaims “Goleta Pier Angler Center,” it’s a lie, for the hopes and dreams, dedication and selfless hours at the pier are finished: the center is at an end. The rods and reels are removed. The educational materials are packed and destined for more [...]

The End of a Dream? Boyd and the Goleta Pier Angler Center

  Goleta Pier Angler Center Sometimes things just don’t make sense. That was the reaction when word filtered out in September of 2011 that Boyd Grant, the venerable, Yoda-like “Pier Master” at the Goleta Pier had been asked to vacate his parking space at the County Park. The first reaction was an incredulous WHY? Why [...]