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James Liu, 1966-2014 — RIP

  James at the Cabrillo Mole on Catalina at the 2013 PFIC-UPSAC Get Together   James Liu (GDude), a good friend, a fishing companion, and truly one of the finest men I have known, has died and I must admit that I am heartbroken by his passing. I just wish I could somehow prevent the pain [...]

Endangered species — The disappearance of youth from the wilderness

A good article even if a few years old. By GT Jones, Ventura County Reporter, 05/29/2008 Tom and son, Venice Pier Over the past 20 years our children have become increasingly alienated from the natural world. They have abandoned our open spaces and wilderness where unstructured imaginative play has existed for as  long as the [...]

California’s SoCal Bass — #2 —Barred Sand Bass

Sea Basses—Family Serranidae Sand bass from the Dana Harbor Pier in 2013 Species: Paralabrax nebulifer (Girard, 1854); from the Greek words para (near) and labrax (a European bass), and the Latin words nebul (smoke or dark) and fer (to bear), in reference to the color on their sides. Alternate Names: Commonly called sand bass; sandy, [...]

California’s SoCal Bass — #1 —Kelp Bass aka Calico Bass

  Sea Basses—Family Serranidae Kelp Bass from the Shelter Island Pier in 2013 Species: Paralabrax clathratus (Girard, 1854); from the Greek words para (near) and labrax (a European bass), and the Latin clathratus  (latticed, referring to the coloring on the back). Alternate Names: Commonly called calico bass; also rock bass, bull bass, checkerboard bass, kelp [...]

The Goleta Pier Angler Center — Closed

It sits empty now, forlorn and ignored, and though the sign still proclaims “Goleta Pier Angler Center,” it’s a lie, for the hopes and dreams, dedication and selfless hours at the pier are finished: the center is at an end. The rods and reels are removed. The educational materials are packed and destined for more [...]