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Variety, the spice of life —

Although there are some who only seek out the big fish, I’m at a point in life where the goal has changed somewhat. I still LOVE to catch the big fish, but I also am thrilled with a variety of species. This is true, in part, because I have fished on 123 ocean piers in [...]

James Liu, 1966-2014 — RIP

  James at the Cabrillo Mole on Catalina at the 2013 PFIC-UPSAC Get Together   James Liu (GDude), a good friend, a fishing companion, and truly one of the finest men I have known, has died and I must admit that I am heartbroken by his passing. I just wish I could somehow prevent the pain [...]

The First PFIC Catalina Get Together — 2002

From my post on Pier Fishing in California The 2002 Logo May 3, 2002 To: PFIC Message Board From: Ken Jones Subject: Million Dollar Bash AKA First Pier Fishing in California Get Together Ev’rybody from right now To over there and back The louder they come The harder they crack… We’re all gonna meet At [...]

Catalina Get Together 2012 —

The 2012 Catalina Get Together is history; it’s over, kaput, concluded, finis—except in that small part of the brain that controls memory. In that section the memories of good times with friends, the pleasure of the small town of Avalon, the nature around us—the birds, the sea lions, the dolphins, and the fishing—slow but occasionally [...]


Sea Chubs—Family Kyphosidae An opaleye from the Cabrillo Mole in Avalon in 2016 Species: Girella nigricans (Ayres, 1860); from the French word girelle (a derivative of julis, an old word used to denote a number of small wrasse in Europe), the Latin word nigr (dark) and the Greek word ikanos (becoming, in reference to its [...]