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Hermosa Beach Pier — 2008 UPSAC Youth Angling Class

UPSAC Volunteers and members of the class In 2008 a team of UPSAC members under the direction of Hashem Nahid hosted a group of inner city youth from Los Angeles. One goal for the day was to teach the youth how to fish, especially since many had never fished before in their life. A second [...]

Santa Monica Bay Pier Summit

On May 7, 2015, I attended (as President of United Pier and Shore Anglers of California) the Santa Monica Bay Pier Stakeholder Summit together with our Los Angeles Regional Coordinator Hashem Nahid. To say that the meeting was interesting is an understatement. The stated goals were to discuss human-wildlife conflicts, pier/ocean user conflicts, possible solutions, [...]

Yellow Snake Eel — Eew!

  A yellow snake eel from the Balboa Pier Species: Ophichthus zophochir (Jordan & Gilbert, 1882); Ophichthus, from two Greek words meaning serpent and fish, and the Greek zophochir, for darkness and hand (dark pectoral fins). Alternate Names: Eww, a snake!  In Mexico called Tieso Amarillo; in Peru called Anguila amarilla or Culebra marina. Jimbo [...]

Pier Fishing in California — Concourse d’Pier Carts

Almost every pier rat that I know, or at least those who frequent the long piers in central and southern California, has a pier cart. It’s needed when you’re loaded down with rods and reels, tackle box, bait bucket, cooler, hoop net, magic potents, good luck charms, and your personal copy of Pier Fishing in [...]

California’s SoCal Bass — #2 —Barred Sand Bass

Sea Basses—Family Serranidae Sand bass from the Dana Harbor Pier in 2013 Species: Paralabrax nebulifer (Girard, 1854); from the Greek words para (near) and labrax (a European bass), and the Latin words nebul (smoke or dark) and fer (to bear), in reference to the color on their sides. Alternate Names: Commonly called sand bass; sandy, [...]