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Pebble Beach & the Stillwater Cove Pier (aka Matthew & Mimi Jenkins Pier)

After watching the last round of today’s Pebble Beach Pro-Am, I thought what better day to post some facts about the pier that kept showing up on the screen? Stillwater Cove Pier The view from the pier is stunning! Look slightly to the west and you’ll see the Pescadero Rocks, the rocky pinnacle and strands [...]

Humboldt Squid visit the piers —

Humboldt squid have returned to the Balboa and Newport Piers this week, much as they did in 2002 and 2007. Whenever they visit, the crowds of anglers increase and the frenzied mob tries to catch a few of the huge cephalopods while avoiding getting squirted by ink when the gnarly beasts reach the top of [...]