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Fighting a “Mud Marlin” aka Bat Ray —

Oscar Amaro and a nice-sized “Mud Marlin” Sometimes it’s not the fish you catch that are interesting but the catch made by others. Such was the bat ray caught the other day (May 6, 2015) at the Manhattan Beach Pier. I was fishing on the pier when Oscar Amaro, a young Marine stationed at Seal [...]

Great Whites at the Manhattan Beach Pier?

At the end of December 2013 an article appeared in the New York Daily News by Michael Welsh. The title — Did a great white shark photobomb surfing kids at Manhattan Beach, Calif.? The woman who snapped the picture of her son and his friend swimming near a shadowy figure that resembles a shark said [...]

California Yellowtail —

Yellowtail caught at the Crystal Pier in San Diego by Angel Hernandez in September 2015 35-Pound yellowtail taken from the Balboa Pier by “Aaron”on November 1, 2003 Species: Seriola dorsalis (Valenciennes, 1833); from the Italian word seriola (for amberjack) and dorsalis (the long dorsal fin). Some sources now use Seriola lalandi. Alternate Names: Yellowtail, amberjack, [...]