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A short visit to Montery Bay — and some piers

With the thermometer reaching 100 degrees for day after day, I decided it was time to leave Fresno and visit the coast. Given the recent reports of mackerel, I decided to head northwest to Monterey. The  area from Monterey to Santa Cruz is what I call the “north” Central Coast. In contrast, is the Pismo [...]


Sablefishes—Family Anoplopomatidae Sablefish from Monterey Wharf #2   Species: Anoplopoma fimbria (Pallas, 1814); from the Greek words anoplis  (unarmed) and poma (operculum or gill cover), and the Latin word fimbria  (fringe). Alternate Names: Commercially called blackcod in Washington and butterfish in California. Other names include Alaska blackcod, coalfish, coal cod, candlefish, black candlefish, bluecod, deep [...]


   Blackperch from the Ferry Point Pier in Richmond Species: Embiotoca jacksoni (Agassiz, 1853); from the Greek word embiotoca (bringing forth living young), and jacksoni  (in honor of A. C. Jackson of San Francisco, who first noted that these perch give birth to living young and brought it to the attention of Alexander Agassiz who [...]

Reef Seaperch

Reef seaperch from Monterey Wharf $2 Species: Micrometrus aurora (Jordan & Gilbert, 1880); from the Greek words mikros (small) and metr (having a womb), and the Latin word aurora (sunrise). Family Embiotocidae, subfamily Embiotocinae. Alternate Names: Reef surfperch. In Mexico called mojarra de arrecife or perca. Identification: Typical perch shape with the longest dorsal fin [...]

Sharpnose Perch

Sharpnose Seaperch from Monterey Wharf #2 Species: Phanerodon atripes (Jordan & Gilbert, 1880); from the Greek root words phaneros (meaning evident) and odons (tooth) and the Latin words atri  (entrance) and pes  (base of). Family Embiotocidae, subfamily Embiotocinae. Alternate Names: Blackfoot seaperch and sharpnose surfperch. In Mexico called mojarra picuda. Identification: These surfperch are very [...]