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The Newport Beach Dory Fleet — Looking Back #2 — 1950

Newport Beach Fishermen Ply Trade in Ancient Way “Fishing is like poetry; men must be born so.”—Isaak Walton. “If my sons thought of becoming fishermen, I’d break their heads. It’s a dog’s life.”—Jess Van Riper. Walton was an angler and Van is a fisherman and maybe the difference in their points of view is that [...]

The Newport Beach Dory Fleet — Looking Back #1 — 1934

Fishermen Go To Sea Daily In Dories From Newport — Only Place On Pacific Coast For nearly 20 years on he beach next to the Newport municipal pier there has existed a fishing community which has its counterpoint nowhere on this coast. Ten to 12 dories under bright beach umbrellas make up the permanent village, [...]

The Newport Beach Dory Fleet — Through The Years

Newport Pier was where I began my pier fishing life in 1962. I would ride my bicycle down the hill from Costa Mesa and try to get the best spot on the pier (the corner spot). To do that meant I would have to leave the house around 4 AM. Generally the only people I [...]

The Nitty Gritty California Pier Trivia Quizzes —

If you have read Pier Fishing in California you should be able to answer the following questions without breaking a sweat. If you can’t, I expect you to sleep the next seven nights with the book under your pillow. Just pretend it’s a love letter from your first boyfriend, girlfriend — or whatever.  By the [...]

Man Falls Off Newport Pier —

The place where I learned to fish was the Newport Pier in the early ’60s. There were no railings but instead six-inch planks lined the edge of the pier. I was always  a little surprised that people didn’t fall off the pier. The following story proves that it could and did happen. Fishing Around by [...]