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Striped Mullet

Mullets—Family Mugilidae Striped mullet caught by jkim at Carlsbad Species: Mugil cephalus (Linnaeus, 1758); from mugal (meaning to suck, in reference to their feeding behavior) and cephalus (pertaining to their distinctive head Alternate Names: Mullet or grey mullet. Called lisa or lisa rayada in Mexico. Identification: Torpedo-shaped with 2 widely spaced dorsal fins. Head broad, [...]

Cortez Bonefish

Bonefishes—Family Albulidae Bonefish caught at Spanish Landing in San Diego Bay by jkim Species: Albula gilberti Pfeiler & Van der Heiden, 2011. Previously referred to as Albula vulpes and “Albula sp. A” (Pfeiler and Van der Heiden 2011). From the Latin Albula (meaning fox). Alternate Names: Ladyfish, mullet, silver ghost, silver shuttle, sanducha and macabi. [...]

Pacific Hake

Order —Gadiformes (Cods and their relatives) Hakes — Family Merlucciidae    ID Photo courtesy of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Species: Merluccius productus (Ayres, 1855); from the Latin words merluccius (an ancient name meaning sea pike) and procuctus  (drawn out). Alternate Names: Cod, hake, silver hake, Pacific whiting, haddock, whitefish, popeye and oatmeal [...]

Spiny Dogfish

Order Squaliformes  Dogfish Sharks—Family Squalidae Large spiny dogfish taken at the Cayucos Pier in 2007 Species: Squalus acanthias (Linnaeus, 1758); from the Latin word squalus  (shark) and the Greek word akanthias (spines), or Squalus suckleyi; from the Latin word squalus (shark) and suckleyi honoring George Suckley (1830-1869), a naturalist and Civil War surgeon. Pick A [...]


Sablefishes—Family Anoplopomatidae Adult sablefish caught by fishermen in the “Dory Fleet” that sits next to the Newport Pier Species: Anoplopoma fimbria (Pallas, 1814); from the Greek words anoplis  (unarmed) and poma (operculum or gill cover), and the Latin word fimbria  (fringe). Alternate Names: Commercially called blackcod in Washington and butterfish in California. Other names include [...]